so many updates...

The main ones, I guess, are the corz distro machine 0.6, which tonight is the same version as the version.info that's been onsite these last couple of days. erm, what can I say? it's been hectic.

corzblog has had another wee update too, stuff the big error mode showed up, nothing major. added a few @'s, no doubt. I noticed (on someone elses corzblog) that the page generation timer was kaput, then remembered, the starter is in this site header! so I added that to corzblog itself, too.

there have been other things, minor updates to scripts, a few foibles, some typos, you get the picture. my contact page is looking pretty cool, just what I was after, at last.

for now..

;o) Cor

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Welcome to corz.org!

Since switching hosts (I hope you are alright, Ed! Wherever you are …) quite a few things seems to be wonky.

Juggling two energetic boys (of very different ages) on Coronavirus lockdown, I'm unlikely to have them all fixed any time soon. Mail me! to prioritise!