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Yes, I had a break from tech - regulars are used to this by now - and I have some catching up to do; site comments soon, deleting as well as answering, most likely. Mails soon after, probably. Notice the uncertainty in the time-frames - also a regular feature!

So, coming up; a block of code (you realized the title had a double-meaning, right?).

checksum. I got a bit stuck here, or at least, paused. I realized that the time had come to decide exactly how I was going to license this baby out to you, the yet-to-be-impressed, general public (though no one reading this page would entirely fit into that category, you get the gist).

My first plan was to release an md5-only version for free, hoping to entice folk to shell out some meagre sum for the full md5+sha1 version, and I had, in fact, coded this switching into checksum itself. Although beta versions have a 60-day limit, I hadn't quite gotten to the whole registration code business, and the more I thought about it, researched and considered coding it, the more I realized I was stalling, for some reason.

Basically, I like free software. But I'd also like to get some payment for my work. it's a dilemma.

So, during my tech-break, I've been thinking long and hard about software licensing, amongst other things, and came up with something even better than my theoretical 3D matrix registration code generator (though, I may yet code this, as a fun challenge)..

I don't like the idea of software that takes the shirt off your back, you see, so I figured, "how about software that puts one ON your back, instead!" (you can tell I'm working on some kind of slogan here, though there are still too many sylables for my liking)..


it's like shareware, only better. The idea is simple. You can use the software for free, but if you do, you are asked to buy a shirt, from corz.org. Hey! Everybody needs clothes! You might as well buy some from me! The percentage on the shirts (or hoodie-tops, baseball caps, whateveryoulike) is your way of giving back, by doing no more than buying something you already need. TADA! Everybody wins!

I'll be releasing some truly funky clothing articles, scooping up some of these cute designs I've been spewing out over the years. You will want these! And I will, at last, be releasing The Amazing Metaphysical Travelling Map. Everyone who sees it (on my wall, and in my wallet - credit card sized) wants it, and so will you.

Anyways, There's your rss alert! If you are a user of some code here, keep an eye on the version numbers over the coming weeks; there will be changes. The devblog will have more details, no doubt.


:o) The Writing Entity @ corz.org

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