Apologies for the recent twelve hour downtime; apparently some fool on the same server figured sharing copies of Windows 7 would be smart. smiley for :roll:

Now here's something; underneath my web host, is another host, and that host, ultimately, it godaddy. "Yikes!", I hear you say, but it's fairly low-level, renting actual hardware and such, and usually has no impact. Until yesterday.

Needless to say, my host is currently looking elsewhere for a place to setup; somewhere where the provider won't just shut down a server when the DMCA boys snap their fingers. No warning, no investigation, just shutdown, and hundreds of other sites, also on the same server, shut down, too, like this one. Bastards!

How do you sue the DMCA itself? Is that possible?

Anyways, I wanted to let y'all know that, for the record, I think those that use and enforce DMCA, the RIAA, and their ilk, are a bunch of fucking gangsters, extortion racketeers that a future enlightened society will be happy to crush out of existence. They don't create; they merely leech off those that do, and con the public into paying for something that is essentially free. They don't want creativity freed; they want it packaged. We don't need them.

Meanwhile, we don't have to put up with their shit - many artists put their work out for free or near-free, without all the planet-polluting industrialized garb that is no longer required to distribute music, films, stories, poems, and many more things; artists like me. You don't have to support us, but don't expect much to change until you do.

The concept of "Intellectual Property", is a fallacy. Always has been. We do not own music and melodies, we do not own ideas. If we can feel privileged to have them at all, and an opportunity to work with them for a time, do good work, then maybe we are heading in the right direction. But seeing something as a neat way to transfer Millions of pound from "them" to "me", is not a way to approach, for example, a song.

Okay, enough ranting from me, I got publishing to do!

for now..

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