Exclusive pics of jailed KFC swindler, Xu, before and after £6,500 worth of free chicken

Finally, images of disgraced student, who has until now only been identified as "Xu", have come to light, uncovered by your intrepid corz.org investigator.

Until now, the hacker kid's identity had remained a complete secret. But we can reveal that this is what he looks like (before and after £6,700 worth of free chicken from KFC)..

an image

Clearly he already liked chicken a little bit. In an exclusive interview, Xu said,

Looking back, I wish I'd found a loophole in a vegan app.

Fortunately, Xu has TWO AND A HALF YEARS IN JAIL to get himself back into shape.

Good luck!

:o) The Writing Entity @ corz.org

ps. I must add, I feel ashamed to live in a world where a few thousand quid off such broad shoulders can somehow equate to taking two and a half years of a person's life.

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