"special", (so "special")...

These days it's a thing..

Supermarkets designate hours when "special" customers are especially welcome. By "special" I mean disabled in some way. But way before that, at least for us truly urban dwellers, this was always a thing. It's all a question of timing.

Visualise 9am. But not your 9am; everyone else's. Most are already at work or schooling, and the other half taking a much-deserved breath. Focus on the retail world now; the shops: workers work at 9am because, well it's in their contract and everyone opens at nine, right?

But few actual humans are up for actual shopping at this time which is why it's the perfect time for "special" shoppers and always has been.

Being disabled means live in a city, for so many reasons. If you are disabled in any way and don't live in a city I recommend you move to a city, to right in the centre of that city, right now. Ideally this city will provide ample green space, but frankly that's secondary. You can create your own green space inside your dwelling. Or else waaaay out in the country. It's a binary decision.

City == 9am shopping. Liminal-Zen-Time. For years I have been topping-up my groceries, grabbing five-packs of kid's socks, perusing-vinyl-in-peace and idling through 2nd hand treasures in that wide-open space that is everyone-else-waking-up. Occasionally I meet like-minded fools, and occasionally more. I figured this out as a teenager.

Anyone desiring this as a lifestyle can grab an early bus, or better yet, move here; closer to the centre.

I might even see you around the local shops, circa 9.10am.


Clove Oil

This here blog is so I never again forget CLOVE OIL.

Because this is the second time this exact thing has happened. Toothache. Okay, that's happened more than once, but specifically, toothache and then after getting fed-up of swilling cold water around it continually, I take a pain killer.

This never works, so what do I do? Take another. This one has Codeine in it. Take too many of these and I need to start drinking prune juice or painfully give up shitting.

This also never works. After a spell of thinking, "Fuck me! Why hasn't that painkiller kicked in yet?", I remember that consumer-grade, even medical grade painkillers don't work on toothache (unless you go for the top-shelf stuff). Nothing does. Except..

I remember the last time I had toothache and the miraculous relief I got from rubbing some Clove Oil on it with a cotton bud and head to the bathroom. Previously I had recalled my mum doing a similar thing to me as a kid.

Three minutes later I'm back at my desk 100% pain free thinking, "Why do I torture myself like this?"


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