web serving for human beings..

or.. how to get your server to do your evil bidding.

So it goes..

This part of the site aims to provide the beginner and not-so-beginner with lots of useful information, tools, resources and guidance along the lines of running a web server, or a site on someone else's server. If you are a web master, or want to be, you will probably find something useful here.

If you are just a regular mortal with a vague idea that there's a shit-load of power available for free if only you could harness it, you've come to the right place.

This place's real reason d'etre is to spread the idea that a web server, running on an inexpensive box somewhere in your home or organisation, is a hugely useful and powerful resource, and provide the tools to prove it. More and more, applications are moving to the web interface and with Apache (or a similar quality web server, not IIs) at your disposal, you can create all manner of useful, functional, powerful applications with relative ease. Or just download mine!

Check out the menu, and check back again later - as well as the current, ever-popular selection, new resources keep popping up all the time!

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