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it's like slashdot, avoiding the "very"; I slid the slider down, allowing the trolls and so-called idiots into my browser, but with "The Importance Of My Shit", so everything is important, Blog IT!

And then you just blog it. Easy, like a slider.

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I should blog this!

I may have been dreaming, but I do remember joking on here a few years back about micro-blogging, my every thought "out there". It was a joke, you Twits! And since then I've just lost interest in this space and it seems a massive effort to blog anything at all. Some nights it crosses my mind a thousand times, Blog THIS! But I don't. it's like I buried all my books..

But I blogged that, and another joked about it to his mates stoned one night, and another Nine Hundred and Ninety Seven others did something else, that same idea crossing their minds, an inevitable of the almost-hooked-in of our almost-fabulous technology.

These ideas, thoughts, wash over the earth, dart, swim, call it what you will, and we are all bathed in them, singers, poets, coders pluck them out, just wiring in an infinite cortex, distilling down the necessary parts, capturing these butterflies of thoughts with a purpose. And one other just ran with it, got coders, got cracking and made it happen, a virtual billion-dollar reality in weeks and months. But actually spendable. And the thinkers' wiring spins this way and maybe many other's that, changes a thought, and so on..

We enter a new world. A reality spawned in code, built up around us quickly first in the imagination, the way it always was, in control, and now editable. So many dreamed of this, you may have been one of them. If so, I look forward to finding your work! One day..

When I feel low I check my inward links, the humans linking to here, stuff I've put up. Validate my HTML, validate myself. What have we done? <insert smilie>

I watch my best web code replicate, over years, "my" "ideas" bouncing back to me, songs on the radio I wrote eons ago, vocal chords echoing out the memory. How many hands? How many minds? How many minds not busy with thoughts? So busy watching the big math I forget to add up simple things and realize this was the first real web code I wrote, blogging software, corzblog. I had and still do have a reason for all this.

My plan, to capture this output. But I care about spelling, about it making more sense, about it repaying re-reading, and still passing clean through a translator. I care, and it's a hurdle to so many things! Hey, I'm working on it!

And so many other things. This is where I follow the micro-blogging protocol:

Anti-Hammer is getting awesome (and a grown man shouldn't use that word, I know, but still) in the background here at the .org. I'm still debating whether or not the new goodies should become a "pro" version, after all, I got family, and it's features you want(ed). My logs are now a joy, and accurate, to boot, thanks to Anti-Hammer! All over the site I've been making improvements. When testing phases are complete, most of the code will find it's way into the download machine for you to slot into your website, as usual, if you do that sort of thing.

And so on. The idea being I share everything, like some virtual entity, cuz that's where the money's at. And the blog twists back into the shape it previously took, me stepping backwards to your applause …

If you have gotten something out of this blog, nomatter how fleeting, or some other part of this site, and you know how money works, or want to, you can click this link. Thank you!

Did you see that? What amazing magic is that, eh? For a moment there you are! <publish> Woosh!

All the best,
for now..

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