Simple image of a machine cog with an enlarged center. In the centre is a downward pointing triangle, donating a download. Everything is in a cool semi-transparent grey gradient.

corz distro machine

distribution for busy humans..

corz distro machine is a self-contained file distribution system. It provides..
  • Back-end downloads for your web site.

  • Download counting (with built-in admin/stats page).

  • A beautiful, self-contained HTML5 download menu system.

  • Password-Protected downloads.

  • A cool source viewer.

  • A documentation viewer (with HTML-formatting).

  • Back-end source code/document highlighting and text-formatting services.

  • Simultaneous stand-alone and embedded services.

  • And more!

corz distro machine can be any or all of these things, all-at-once!

corz distro machine also comes with built-in bot protection, overload protection, hot-link protection and password-protection, if required. Your resources are valuable. corz distro machine can help you ensure they aren't wasted on suckers and spiders!


Point a web browser directly at corz distro machine and you get a beautiful, automatically-generated menu system inside a complete HTML page, like this.

You can customize the page completely, incorporating your site's headers and footers just like here at

Users can get to your files via the distro machine's built-in menu system, switch between source and download (if you have source/document browsing enabled), and importantly, grab your files.

Install is easy. Drop in corz distro machine, drop in some files, you're done!

An embedded machine..


You simply include corz distro machine on your page with a few parameters and Wham! Instant embedded download menu, like this..

You can throw download menus, cool highltighted source and HTML-formatted documentation, anywhere on your pages, as many times as you like on a page - corz distro machine can handle it, as can be seen here (scroll!).

Back-End Services..

As well as embedding download menus and documents in your pages, corz distro machine operates transparently behind-the-scenes, handling all the regular download links from your site's pages, transparently counting and gathering statistics.

Cute, short links make it easy to add downloads to your pages. Anyone can do it!

All you do is add files!

It really is a no-brainer to get this up and running (chuck it somewhere and load in a web browser), and once it is, all you need to do is drop in your files.

Improvements over the old distro machine..

Get the distro machine..

What better way to download the distro machine, than with the distro machine, perhaps one of its own cute embedded menus. Or rather, more than one. This page has to work for a living, and so doubles as a demonstration of the various available embedding options. Note: all the menus display the exact same files.

You may notice that this page uses nice rem values to specify the widths for the boxes (em is nice, too). Hold down the Ctrl key and wheel your mouse up and down (or use whatever other control is applicable) to increase and decrease the size of the page text.. Weeeh!

All styling is 100% CSS and thanks to the fully compliant HTML5 output, even at EXTREME magnifications, the embedded menus play nice. Embedded menus simply fill whatever space you give them. It's all in the CSS, so you can stick cute wee boxes up in the corners of your pages with file menus in them, or whatever you like; imagination is the only limit; that and a grounding in old-school HTML.

Nothing set..
(defaults to a simple files menu)

Custom text enabled..

Section titles enabled..

Sub-sections enabled..

Sub-sections and section titles enabled..

Sections and custom text enabled..

Everything on..

Note how when section titles and sub-sections are enabled, clicking one of those links opens a new window, so users don't get jumped off your page.

Also note how the distro machine didn't mind spewing out not one but SEVEN separate embedded menus for this very page. Check the timer at the foot. Booyah! All in a day's work for the distro machine..

All done!

Usually, the distro machine just works, but mileage is a variable, so if you've read the install page and it still isn't happening for you, please do leave a question and I'll attempt to respond with a solution which others might also find useful.

Alternatively, mail me.

;o) Cor

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