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Well, as you can see, work has started on corzblog pro, the next-generation, 100% xhtml compliant blogging system from yours truly.

I have a stack of improvements and features in my "2 do" bag, and over the course of the next few weeks and months you can see them evolve right here.

cbparser, my "OMFG! How did it get so popular?" smiley for :lol: bbcode parser spent some time on the operating table over the weekend, and now, at last, produces lovely 100% xhtml-compliant code. Yes, I'll be putting that out separately, and Yes, well, proably, I'll get around to an upgrade script to convert your old pages.

I'm still in the early stages, but already it's looking real nice. I'll definitely be writing elsewhere about the joys upgrading messy old HTML (and most of is ecxactly that!) to xhtml. A joyful process, and one that's not only simplified a lot of the pages (oh how csss does rock) but made them a helluva lot more accessible. Anyways, back to work.

for now..

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