fun and games..

I finally managed to track down Wee Gary. He was hiding on the AOL network, trecherous bastard!

And Jack Handey, too. If you haven't heard of Jack Handey, think: Mullah Nasrudin, but more offensive. If you haven't heard of Mullah Nasrudin, God help you!

That highly cool wee checkers game I stole from the M.I.T. AI archive still kicks around, mainly because I like to be able to access it wherever I am in the world, as do a few other people. Think of it as an, erm, homage. And lots of fun, to boot. Sadly, it seems to mess up with more recent versions of the Java runtime. Bummer.

The checkers is Java, so you will probably need to temporarily allow Java Applets to play with it. If you can enable Java and JavaScript on a site-per-site basis, just enable it for, I don't run dodgy ads! Although, these Google ads can be a bit much at times.

Folk upload all sorts of things to, usually lame web attack scripts. Occasionally, something good pops up, like this web version of Escapa!, aka. "Escape". This is way better than the Android/iOS versions of the game which have popped up, faster, more intense, en-joy!

When I track down the other stuff, I'll drop it in here, keep it all together.

Have, and I mean this quite literally... FUN!


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