I noticed walnuts looked like brains and thought they might be good for my brain. I tried all sorts of doses for all sorts of timescales and here's what I found: it makes no difference.

HOWEVER; along the way, I made a most happy discovery.

If you eat a small handful of walnuts and chew them properly you will quickly get hungry the for foods you DO NEED for your brain; whatever you need most, and so on (let one batch and its suggested foods digest before going again)

That is, within your range of known foods.

Which is why one should try all foods.


Here's a fundamental thing often overlooked..

If you are as fortunate as me; to have lived from a time when real computers began; that is, real for us; arriving in our homes and businesses; in other words, the Seventies; then you will always appreciate the amount of computing power it takes to do a thing. Anything. So when magical things happen you see the magic, rather than wonder whyzitt takn soo looong (3s to produce a 2K image of a cat in a spacesuit), or whatever.

Me, I'm going "Wow!". See the difference? Okay.

Time is also passing more quickly for us. No, it's true. By the time you reach your twenties, more than half of your life is over, perceptually speaking, so we're told. That's a mostly-negative way to view the way things are, I guess. I leave the positive to you.

Hmm.. That science sounds at least half-suspect to me. I barely remember my teens, let alone my singles. Important moments stick, the rest... pfff. Whereas I could write for a week about my various encounters with fuckwit carbrains over the last decade. Seems like longer to me; that ten years. Also a lot of devastating blows. Perhaps they provide punctuation.

So let's start again..

Not all science is good. Science that defies experience (where experience can be had, that is - try getting a roomful of quantum particles to queue up and you'll see what I mean) is basic bullshit. There's a lot of this about. Some of it even makes it into "respected" publications, every day. I mean ffs, it's hard enough sorting fake media and misinformation from their real counterparts without having to filter out "bona fide scientists".

This is actually someone's job. But in the same way that genuine doctors prescribe medication based on sales literature rather than actual science, science editors will publish based on, well, you would need to ask them. That's outside my ken. But the growing pile of retractions speaks for itself. And yup, AI will only add to this mess.

Science matters, and we should take it very seriously. But a lot of science isn't good science. Even after so-called peer review. So who-the-fuck to trust? The scientist with five stars on (*phew!* Fortunately, this turns out to be a Japanese lighting company) But maybe something like this is required. Some way to rate scientific breakthroughs and discoveries; or rather, those who claim to make them. So Joe Bloggs and me can choose to add this information to the relevant pile, or not. If we even get the information.

Guaranteed if this "system" was up and running, 10-star breakthroughs would get front page treatment, at least. Unlike the way things are now, where gargantuan discoveries and breakthroughs are non-existent in the mainstream press, whereas what's-her-face-with-the-big-tits-and-sister's latest fling will get three whole fucking pages.

I could say, "Do you know how much pollution your idling engine is producing?", but I would be wasting my fucking time. Of course they don't; they are a carbrain fuckwit sitting idling their spotless SUV with their nose in facebook. What exactly do I expect here except fuckwittery of the highest order? I don't even waste my breath any more. In a decade their shit will, at last, be outlawed and they will need to find some other way to kill the local children and destroy their home planet, which I'm sure they already have. Found I mean, maybe foreign holidays.

It's a losing battle I've decided I can no longer have a shouty part in. Basic human inertia is best dealt with below the belt. By the time they have gotten out of their car and removed the note from their their wiper, which reads "CHILD KILLER", I am long gone. Please note, I fear no man.

Note also: I don't say women, many of which I feared over the years. Some innate filter which prevent me from punching them in the face if things go South, could be a factor. Anyways, the other side is filled with all sorts of useful information and links to help transmute the brute into a human being. There's only so much you can do.

Still following, watch this..

Time spent offers a perspective. The machine designed to replicate years of wear; while amazing; is a facsimile; in the real world other stuff happens in-between. Micronic layers leave a lattice trace; you touch a thing, it is remembered at the chemical level, the physical level, perhaps even the biological level and beyond. And everything affects everything else. Things like chemical interactions are relatively easy to trace.

As we break through yet another computing once-thought-ceiling, it's a fine time to consider the magic itself; what it takes to make a thing "happen". Where it begins and ends is definitely outside our ken but where it begins and ends in our reality provides endless source of interest and no doubt story lines.

Things which billions now consider basic rights were once only dreams in the minds of a few. Then many. Then an overwhelming many. Some beginning bursts into our reality and in the Venn diagram of transceivers that are human minds finds purchase. Some ideas are "out there", where few circles are. I think maybe it takes a few bursts from wherever* to make these sorts of ideas stick.

I mean stuff humankind takes a while and a lot of effort to get its head around. Stuff that goes against basic genetic coding; which sadly (and the opposite) is influenced by parents. There are ALWAYS parents, you see. You can't break that. If you kill off some line, then you lose the science. You can't have both!

So we still have pockets of racism and homophobia, ageism and sexism and a fair few other isms. We are a work in progress, of course, but I very often wonder; if the inertia could be removed, would humans start to do more "right" action and specifically, less "wrong" action.

By "right" I mean, "good for everyone". "wrong" being the opposite. While I'm here defining, I should mention that I define "good" as "good for you" and "bad" as the opposite. I see this as the fundamental way-things-are. So this makes it difficult for me to always see the way to actions which are at the same time "right" and "good". Often they are at odds.

It's an information problem. This is what we designed the internet to solve. Instead we have cats. And facebook. Inequality hurts you. Simple as that. But this solid information in no way affects your decision-making, even when you know it to be true. Why is this?

Or maybe you didn't know it. See above. How can anyone know what-is-what(these-days) in the latest science? Hey, what about some sort of rating system even journalists would respect? Oh wait, that's a loop I didn't intend. Scrub that.


i.e. those poor souls who get the raw stuff and spend decades trying to even decode it enough for "publication".

Unwind yourself...

Like many of the great secrets of existence, this one is hidden in plain sight inside the English language1.

And when I say "great secrets", I'm not messing around. This is something even so-called Sufis would have you spinning around all day about without getting even close to the truth of things.

And I mean literally; in some Middle-Eastern countries they take tourists and let you think you are getting enlightened by actually spinning around. And around. Sometimes for long periods of time. The longer the better, I assume; as it will produce a euphoric effect. Ask any kid.

Of course they are missing the point, as they are missing a real teacher. While I'm not about to rewrite the works of Idries Shah2 any time soon, I do feel it's about time more of these wonderful techniques were "laid bare", so to speak; more usable for the current ADHD generation. So here goes..

Pay Attention: Throughout the day to turn left or right to do things. When another thing is within the 160-200 degree zone you make a decision to turn this way or that. For me it's usually left. We are all different. But we are all the same in that if we make that same decision later, we will turn the exact same way.

Over the course of the day this amounts to many turns, in one direction. The original instruction is simple: discover which way you naturally turn, and how much, and at the end of the day, with joy and dance, turn all the way back.

In the English language we say, "unwind". Implicit in the word are the negative connotations of the opposite state, so it can be used as an insult and more. Instructive.

The Western methods, while reasonably effective, are painfully slow. It can take hours to unwind with TV, alcohol, eating, and so on.

The Sufi way, on the other hand, is quick and mightily efficient. Find a spot and start spinning backwards. And that's it3.

If you just "happened" upon this blog, well done; proving chance isn't a thing, again.


1. I am a self-proclaimed languigist. English rules. And this is coming from a Scot. Swearing in French (or Hebrew) is lovely in the mouth. Russian speaks volumes. Many languages rock for many reasons, but English is where it is at. We code in English. Think about it. This is why, in every country in the world, except native English-ish-speaking countries; they learn English as a second language. It's required learning. In the UK we mostly can't be bothered learning other languages because frankly, there's no need; y'all speak English. Or else Hollywood be off-limits, and that won't do.

2. If you are about to search Idries Shah's works for a fuller description of this technique, don't bother. As far as I know he doesn't explain it anywhere. However, he does describe the phenomena (I think perhaps in "Learning how to Learn") as well as leave clues around his other works as to how to discover the technique for yourself. But who has the time, right?

3. This state is, of course, a prerequisite to doing anything else.

Master and Slave was a thing, no really.

So one of the software packages I use and regularly update has decided that the terms "master" and "slave" are no longer appropriate and must now be something else. Something way less memorable and 100% not intuitive.

They posit that this some sort of advancement. No. This as another black mark in humanity's racist past. Shame on you.

Fact: I am not racist. I moved past my whole genetic heritage in my early years. My mother was racist. She was brought up in a racist family in the middle east where the locals were "dirty niggers". As a young boy, one of my close friends was black so my mother's attitude always seemed strange to me. I put it down to bad parenting and ignorance.

Today I see this a triumph for my younger self. I wouldn't want to rename the experience or pretend it didn't exist. I *like* to be reminded of my triumphs. Don't you?

So why has some minority fuckwit pressure group been allowed to have its stupid opinion taken seriously? So seriously that perfectly fine technical terms like "master" and "slave" are being renamed? So seriously that millions of pages of perfectly fine technical documentation are now instantly confusing to future generations.

Guess what? They will now have to Google the terms Master and Slave, to find out what they mean. Doh!

And after a horrific hour or two delving in to America's past they will discover that these technical terms are still alive and well in the real world and for many, quite enjoyable!



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