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it might be possible to salvage this, I mean, it's in my memory, maybe not the details, but the rough shape. It started with a rant, I could do it like a comedy sketch, parody my own piece, yeah that would work.

I'll come back to this later, just getting the idea down in the meantime, cuz well, ye never know.

for now..

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i sat speechless

I don't want to speak about it.

I feel it's a great testament to my maturity that I am not in floods of tears right now. it's so easy to bawl.

9-11, Tiananmen square, World War II, these are nothing now; distant, irrelevant things. This was all night, it was six hours work, it was the blog to end all blogs, awash with genius and universal thought, spinning, you were going to pass out, I feel sick now, physically. The electricity went out. It was complete, me at the point of publishing. didn't even save it once, so reliable is my mac.

Next task, code "preview backup" into corzblog, because well, ye never know, do you?

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filler of empty space

Let's be perfectly clear, this blog exists souly to fill that big empty space you get, archiving. I mean, although it might serve as some kind of poem on the state of December, or perhaps a "zen thought for the month". realistsically, most folks would just think corzblog was fu©ked, and that would be tragic. truth is, it seems I care a bit about "what folks might think". hmmm.

I'm not in the mood for blogging, I'm in the mood for sulking, and being entertained. not that I've anything to sulk about, life's good, but still, sometimes it's useful to take time out for a wee bit of a sulk, introspection. Maybe it's the dark nights, and the moon waning, a time for central heating and a lowered voices.

I was in Glasgow yesterday, which isn't the capital city of Scotland, but probably should be. all-in seven hours travelling for a one-hour meeting. no comment. sometimes, it's hard to believe we're in the twenty-first century.

 "can't we video-conference?"

We all have some catching-up to do, I think. I captured a great image of a toddler on the train down. I show it to her mum, she whoops with delight.

 "give us email address and I'll mail you a copy" I said. She hands back the camera and gives me a disappointed sort of look.

 "I don't have an email address"


Of course, lot's of people don't have an email address. But not on the train back. As I attempted much-needed slumber in my extremely uncomfortable non-reclining chair, I was being veritably soaked, nay, boiled in the radio-waves and blips of a half-dozen network-connected devices. Palm pilots and laptops, and things in between that, phones and me, the guy who thought it would be funky to leave all his technology at home, I took not even a phone, I was naked! okay, apart from my digi-cam. I blew it didn't I?

See, it's hard these days, to escape it; the inevitable onslaught of global capitalism and how it must warp all sacred things into products, and marketing of products. And it's now, at this eleventh hour of each year that I feel most out of tune with my fellow man, and particularly woman. Why are you running around like mad people? How can getting your families into thousands of pounds of debt be "a gift"? And I do know that I'm wasting my time reminding folks that this festive season has something to do with a guy called "Jesus".

Jeez! If you didn't have such a huge credit-card bill, you could probably afford an internet connexion! I didn't say.

See, I don't being miles ahead of the crowd in understanding the fundamental metaphysics of the universe, but when it comes to technology, well apart from peripherals and some replacement parts, my kit's all second-hand! Anyone could afford a better setup than me, if they so desired it. When I have puters in for fixing, I usually take the opportunity to do some video encoding, or 3D rendering, other folks' machines are invariably faster than my own. And as much as I tell myself that I'm happy enough to have the right tool for the job, I do aspire to owning tools that will do that same job a tad faster. Even a lot faster. right here; good place for a PayPal button, eh?

I could live without all this modern Christmas business, have a simple, thoughtful day instead. But the rest of the year, like us all, I'm infected with possessions, a product of my time. I can happily leave home without cash, or even my keys, but not my digi-cam. it's also my dictaphone, for a start, and you never know when you might need to capture some image, or some idea, before it flits off somewhere else. Like butterflies they are. The tools we need to do this century are in a large part electronic, true, but There's other stuff we need, too.

it's time, for me, to remember why I do the things I do, a time for affirmations and re-affirmations, for thanks-giving. Christmas reminds me that one man's work is all-important, that what others think about it is an effect, not a cause, not an end in itself. That promise of real individuality, of a unique contribution would be diluted by the very idea. I do it all for me me me, and if you like it, well that's good, that's very good. If you don't, go away.

Thanks to another satisfied commercial corzoogler, I last night renewed my domain, two whole years. that's commitment dudes! I'm here to stay.

And so in that vein, I think I might just test my own mettle a little; and in the style of a fearless chaos magician, leave the big empty space just as it is. maybe for a whole day. Think what you bloody like! Now, let's see if I can still sleep..

for now..

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ps. it's the next day now, and I feel much more like blogging! But I've finished it now, well almost ... after blogging this last night (at least writing it and previewing it) I've been thinking about the possessions thing, about the bondage of it, and today, when I went into the city, I decided to leave even my digi-cam at home. Needless to say I regretted this about four dozen times. So There's more to it. Truth is, I look around me, and I see all these possessions of mine share an important common attribute; they're just tools.

pps. so now you don't have to feel so bad about sending me a G5 for Christmas smiley for :D

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