irritation no. 214

Speech is a powerful magic that can make things happen, true, but be careful; it can also have the opposite effect. In matters of the heart, it is usually best just to DO IT. I also like software that knows how to JUST DO IT!

For unexample, when you run chkdsk in windows, and the disk is busy and CANNOT be unmounted, it says..

Chkdsk cannot run because the volume is in use by another
process. Would you like to schedule this volume to be
checked the next time the system restarts? (Y/N)

And you have to type N, and then ENTER, and then hit the up arrow (to recall your last command - quicker than typing it) and then hit ENTER again, and unless it's your active system drive, IT WILL ALWAYS WORK! 100% It never fails the second time, even if you are really quick!

My question (when I first started doing this) was..

When it always works the second time (presumably because the process that was accessing the drive, having been told to release it for the disk check, has), why not just check it a second time AUTOMATICALLY, and then JUST EFFIN DO IT! (a ritual made more annoying if you are restarting after a crash, or have lots of hard drives, or both).

I haven't figured out a way around this, but I did figure out that if you just hit Ctrl-C, instead of answering, the whole process becomes considerably less frustrating.

it's having to answer the question AT ALL that so irritates me, and so although the Crtl-C trick is technically faster to do, that's not what makes it better; it's simply that you don't have to answer the stupid question AT ALL! it's a sort of "Fuck you! Brain-dead software writer!", a computer interface equivalent of answering "Mu", when someone asks, "Are you still beating up your wife?".

This blog/rant was written while my chkdsk checked  S e v e n  data volumes over four hard drives. Only at times like these do I question the logic of partitioning. Oh! that's them done!

*Deep Breaths*

for now..

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