what about .cor huh? heheh, jus my little joke. smiley for :lol:

fucking scanalous! I mean, what if I got my own guys with menacing voilin cases? I don't need these mobsters, do I? This is a protection racket or something, looks like it. criminal. they'll never get away with it!

nono, wait a minute! hold on! isn't that what it's all about? take a small amount of money from a large number of people. I mean, they just wrote themselves a cheque for a zillion dollars, and it will cost them NOTHING!

ICANN ROCK! They are Gods! I kneel in the church of ICANN! I kiss their fruit-centered business model, and gently rub their blue-print with a warm solution of Daz Ultra!

Actually, I know fuck all about this, except that I'll pay, cuz it's not much, and domains are priceless.

cor scurries off to do his renewals..

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @ corz.org

a thousand hands (second-hand)

I tend to output a lot of text in the average day, all over the place, and in a few certain places, I really get into it, often producing stuff that definitely deserves a wider audience, like you lot! And it's something I wanted to cover here, anyway.

I'm not going to BCC everything to corzblog, of course, but I'll drop in select bits when the mood takes me. I've had an email and a PM about this post, and the paint's still wet, so it's filtered already, your next three minutes won't be a complete waste, (as if!) even though it's second-hand. so what isn't?

I'm getting passionate about my favourite fox and his bird, the product of thousands and thousands of man-hours, and, cruically, thousands of men.

Of course I'm talking about Firefox and Thunderbird, and, well..

Imagine.. Firefox, Thunderbird, and a text editor from the same family. For me, this would be a holy trinity of applications. I might suggest that. hmm.

Firefox and Thunderbird are almost perfect, and you can pretty much build up their functionality however you desire, and if what you need isn't available, no problem, simply suggest a plug-in ("extension") in one of the te(e/a)ming moz fora.

I plan to suggest "you replied to this mail on 22/3/05" type functionality for Thunderbird, which I dearly miss this from my days with entourage. The team at the MBU say it's "linked to the proprietary database format" or some shite, but I see now it could be scripted simply enough using the SDK available from the dudes at moz, all power to them!

Fox and the bird are already, in balance, the best-of-breed. It can only get better. I guess saving mail wasn't a high priority in the functionality list, mine neither; I've saved maybe three individual emails in almost fifteen years of using the medium. And I just wouldn't have thought about saving a group of emails, it's plain text anyway morand, just copy out that section in any text editor, or suggest it somewhere!

I keep my email in my email client, though I do copy text out, attachments and whatnot. I hadn't noticed the missing functionality, and I wouldn't use it, but loads probably would, and many coders are literally gagging for new ideas. go for it! Your wish is mozzies command!

Add to this lovely plain text preference files, hugely hackable. already the web is filling with juicy tips and trictoids, google around. Add to that, open, plug-in architecture. Add to that a cross-platform, standard plain text mail database, favourites, address book, etc, that you can almost "throw from one platform to the next", (and probably someone will sit down soon and write conversion scripts for that, it's simple enough string-replacement, swap C:\ for /Volumes/system, whatever) it's all doable now, and mostly within the grasp of the user. Just plug in what you need! Now you really can build your own browser!

I have, and it has everything I wanted from a browser and more, is standards compliant yet forgiving, very fast, yet resource-friendly, need I say more? I will. I want to talk about open standards.

open standards means you could read your email from a regular copy backup, even on a different machine, running a totally different operating system, with nothing more sophisticated than a text editor. I learned how important this is whilst trying to access important text in my Entourage database. never again!

The list of good stuff goes on and on; web-bugs. these are tiny, invisible images planted in some spam, when you read the mail, the server supplying the image registers the hit and ticks the "yup, someone at that address. spam em!" box in the spam-machine. yowser!

Thunderbird thoughtfully prevents the display of all images until you tell it not to, one click, thank you. "thoughtfully" is the operative word. Rather than some clique of distant, arrogant code-heads spinning out production cycles as far as their fat salaries allow, we have a zillion contributors, and helpers, suggesters, and vocal users working together to produce some great free software. These applications are the product of some serious beta feedback. more to come, and it looks like it's all going to be good.

The only question is, in which forum do I suggest the mozzie text editor..

I signed off there, bowed, and left the thread to evolve, as these thigns do. more good stuff to come, I'm sure.

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @ corz.org

a good day

so long as I've previewed once, then technically, in my mind, I've started. The blog, that is. It means I can give it the title "a good day" and still be writing about this day. that was important. I've got 3 minutes, I had to chuck my visitors out. They didn't have an appointment, anyway.

hah! 2 minutes to spare. I'm using integers instead of words for numbers in this blog, in case my old English teacher ever comes across this, used to really piss him off.
corz.org server responded, *phew* my first preview and its title crossed over the wires, and it's still the 23rd. God only knows when you will get to see it, but it's still "today", in my mind, and with enough energy, today can last a very long time. There's so much to tell.

almost without noticing, I'm starting paragraphs with small case letters, which may or may not be relevant. I have to pee, and holding in a pee is a Very Bad Idea, in case the direction changes in the next paragraph, you'll know why..

now, you'd think it would have been the three-minutes-to-go thing that had me dashing through here, bursting, but I remember now, M dropped a solid in my bathroom just before her departure, and I had to evacuate, I was prepared to just do the title, one word, and PREVIEW! if I had to. It would have all worked out.

Everything does, in the end. Of course, that's why we're here, but no, I'm talking about all the little things, like how I used to leave dishes piled for ever and stack and stack them, and made a science of the stacking even, and they would mould, and I'd eventually get around to doing them all (and I really have too many dishes and cutlery, so I can stack for a month!) and really, thoroughly, totally enjoy the task of cleaning them up, scrubbing with gusto.

I started to miss the space you get when they're clean and all put away, and it's just more efficient to do them before all the food bits dry in, and life begins.

I wouldn't have just held it in. The title was important, sure, but my bladder more so. It was a risk, but I was confident I'd make it, I'm moving like those guys in Elektra jussnow, swiiiiish. There's a full moon coming, when I'm like this, a 50% chance exists that if I go out, someone will ask if I've any cocaine. I don't. sorry.

more time has passed.

I noticed an error in my last addition to the router page. Then I got an idea for some code, and then, I did some code, and it looks okay, and well, maybe you see where I'm heading with this; it's lunacy; and it happens every month, you can practically draw a sine wave through it.

I'm not talking about Biorhythms, not here and now, I'm past all that, though my best work on the subject remains offline, for now, I'll get around to that, but one thing at a time, which is what's hard to do when the moon is so bright, one thing at a time, I mean.

My mind seem to touch everything at once, and is a continual struggle to focus. Is there a regular pattern in my blogging? would it survive analysis? gotta keep the thoughts straight, or straight-ish, for writing. I can see where I'm heading, and that's always a blessing!

more time passes.

A day of big triumphs in small things, and the very opposite. A sunny day, which always seems to make more things possible. Folk wear light clothing, and it transfers to their thoughts, I feel. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, and moon energy can be collected two weeks in water in a vessel, and drunk for magical purposes, and although true, is but an illustration, precursor to experiencing the moon for real.

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @ corz.org

hot new technological innovation from apple: the two button mouse!

So, Apple have finally relented and decided that the two button mouse is actually a pretty nifty idea. Or so it seems..

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this on slashdot. (Boy! that KNewsTicker is nifty!) A TWO-WHAT?!?! I remembered, a couple of years ago, I came up with a design for a two-button apple mouse, of course I never imagined apple would go for it, it's unthinkable! Now I'm thinking I shouldda done a nice blueprint or something..

It was gonna look exactly like a pro mouse; apart from some distinctive "cosmetic feature", of course, donating its "duo" features, maybe a stripe; no buttons at all a-la pro, and worked by rocking the top section left or right when pressing down, I figured even an infant could do that, and no RSI with all that finger-tapping business, either, just like the regular pro mouse.

I might have mentioned it on IRC channel. Hmmm.. I wonder what apple's will be like. Damn! I really should shut-up and patent this!

och well, too late now, I guess.

:o) The Writing Entity @ corz.org


I'm making trouble again!

I don't think you can smell it, as such, but you certainly can sense it. Our sense of smell goes further, deeper than we imagine. We smell in stereo, of course, but that's not it. it's pheromones, tiny scented molecules which sometimes, for weeks on end, and with no casual circumstance or rhythm I can deduce, come gushing out of my temples and other significant areas like freight trains. Or maybe, Solar Winds.

Everyone wants to have sex with me! I can't even go shopping without getting chatted up, given the eye, that smile, whatever. it's ridiculous, and sure makes my celibacy vow more than occasionally challenging!

I like a challenge. Probably even more than sex*, and as everyone knows (even if they don't directly experience this), sex is an amazing experience. Last week, a good and loving friend of mine said to me (on watching some checkout girl go all wobbly when I only said "Thanks")

"You're mad! You could have any girl on the planet, and you chose to have none!"

She's right about the second bit, but I'm not mad.

Not so long ago, I discovered that there is in fact, a science to chatting up girls. I mean, I always knew it was a science, but I didn't realise that there was an actual living, breathing science in evolution, right now! The art of seduction is on da web! Dig it! I spent a good two hours at that seduction site, soaking up the data. chuckling, mostly, but having a lot of fun. I did pick up a couple of things!

We've all so much to learn. I might join up, contribute some new stuff.

At this point in the blog, and all without the use of CAPITAL LETTERS, oops, I have managed to convince all new corzblog readers that I, a) have an uncontrollable ego, b) am as arrogant as is the day is long, and c) live in an utter fantasy world. Pretty good for four wee paragraphs, huh? smiley for :D of course, regular readers already know these things smiley for :lol:
You can believe what you like, but the truth is, we are all so damned attention starved, that even the slightest, merest grain of the stuff cast in our direction, will ignite a sluagh of interesting biological, emotional, and intellectual processes. At this point, the average human being is prone to manipulation of almost every shape and form. Thankfully I noticed this when I was still a child, and I've been refining my techniques pretty much ever since.

They haven't quite realised the importance of "the attention thing" over at el seduction world, although it's between the lines of much of the site's content. No, I'm not giving you the link, if this stuff interests you, There's clues enough here to get you on the yellow brick road. have fun!

But how did I come across such a place?

Well, at a party one night, I was accused of being a practitioner of NLP! Rather than admit to the guy that I didn't have a clue what NLP was, I chuckled, said "we'll talk about this another time", winked, and Googled the following morning. Neo Linguistic Programming. Interesting stuff. "Yeah, I do that", I remember thinking, on reading much of the material.

There are lots of behavioural type sciences on the go right now, mostly in their infancy, attempting to decipher the codes of being human. Our mind. (I poke fun at most of them in this very blog, in a sort of round-robbin fashion) it's fascinating stuff, and if you have the time to study, and more importantly, put into practice, the principles of NLP and seduction, psycology, etc, etc, There's no doubt you could bed any babe on the planet, regardless of your height, weight, finances, looks, or any of that crap.

Mostly it's about the sexual state, and I was delighted to see one of the site's regulars had pin-pointed this crucial element, and focused his own practice on this dimension of human nature. More importantly, it's about getting *her* into a sexual state, and that's where the science bit comes in.

We are sexual beings, clearly designed for it. I've see enough anthropology to understand that humans are basically sex-machines, built and moulded for Pleasure. For instance, human breasts impede the act of feeding; wrong shape for a decent milker; check all the other primates for proof. Flat tit, long nipple, happy baby monkey.

Naturally, it was more important that breasts looked and felt good, more pleasurable for men, mating partners, and potential mating partners. Calling it "survival" is a tad simplistic. A cleavage, often accentuated by clever clothing, by no "mistake", or "coincidence", is an almost perfect buttock-mimic, exactly resembling the age-old "take me now big boy!" posture of a human female showing her rump to a male..

an image
reproduced without permission from Desmond Morris' "MANWATCHING", published by Triad Granada.

And the penis, it doesn't need to be so big! All the other primates get by just fine with a much smaller "manhood". And the exact purpose of a clitoris? ... P-l-e-a-s-u-r-e. I rest my case.

Not that you need to show a man your ass, or even mimic it, to let him know you're interested in mating, nothing like it. The most subtle signals alert the sensitive individual. And this is where the trouble starts, at least for me; you see, I know ALL the signs!

okay, okay, there'll be stuff I don't know, but the thing is, I already know too much! And as soon as I sense these signals, I find it almost impossible to not get into a sexual state myself.

And then the ball's rolling. And I'm doing them too, and initially I don't even realise it, and if I didn't exert some sort of control over the caveman inside me at this very point, or pretty fucking soon, I'd be in bed within the hour, every hour!

(I sighed just there)

I like to flirt. So maybe it's me starting all this stuff, maybe if I weren't launching these particles willy-nilly into my environment, the poor females could get on with their daily tasks without my chemical interruption. sorry.

But I suspect they enjoy it too. I know they do. And the promise, or even the idea of some exciting new potential mate, at the deepest and most instinctive level, is thrilling to us. Before all the body-language and eye dances begin, we are communicating at a chemical level; I send signals out, other signals come back. simple.

I can smell it, and I can hear a singing clitoris from a half mile, too. it's just something I've always been tuned-in to, and the way they smile, the eyes, it says it all. When I'm out, I watch guys with girls utterly in their thrall, and the guys don't even see it! And they flunder off to the next target, and so it goes..

I rarely go to clubs these days, feeling so embarrassed for the males of my species, and their primitive ploys, but what to do? No way I'm letting all the local guys into my delicious secrets, preferring to be the undisputed alpha male Absolutely Everywhere I gO! Well, okay, I drop the odd tidbit.

But now There's a science, and it's "out there" for the common understanding. Hey, it's not so bad to tell you distant folks a few juicy factoids, choice nuggets; catalyze fruitful trains of thought, perhaps. But soon all my neighbours are gonna know! and they'll practice! And the golden age of available babes will be over!

So maybe this vow of celibacy has lasted quite long enough, I've gotten everything I need from it, I think. I understand the power now, the mystical exchange, how that simple act alters everything in two people. It takes months to recover, you know, to be free of it, and even condoms wouldn't completely negate the impact, I guess.

There's so much to know, about almost everything, for all of us. I'm a beginner, thirsty for deeper knowings. It saddens me that from Hollywood, the only hint of truth so far about the sexual act came from the mouth of a deranged female about to commit suicide driving her car clean off a bridge. (Vanilla Sky, I've not seen the original) It would be good to hear it from a sane person. If this has already happened, and you saw it, mail me! But I don't think it has. Certainly not here! smiley for :lol:

Who would take that responsibility?

And after that, could we? Could we open ourselves to the possibility that the sexual act creates a real spiritual bond with our lover, and at least accept there will be a temporary emotional and intellectual alteration in our own nature, that we have in some way changed, in sympathy with our partner, nomatter how fleeting.

Could we even possibly begin to comprehend the non-physical elements of semen and the magical juices of the Yoni. Unlikely.

We'd have a lot less promiscuous sex, for starters. And we'd be Very Careful about who we slept with, their state of mind and mental health. We'd insist on getting to know them, and we wouldn't jump into bed with them until we were certain of a deep and mutual love. These days, we're all so busy trying to have fun with our bodies, that finding someone to have sex with you has become about the easiest thing the world; we're all so fucking gagging for it.

And that's why this sort of knowledge probably won't catch on for a very long time indeed, even the information. We'd have to take responsibility for ourselves, and for our actions. We'd have to make commitments to partners. We'd have to, by sheer dint of reason and logic in understanding the consequences of careless sexual actions, Stop sleeping around, and Stop committing adultery. We'd have to leave the cavemen in us behind and seek higher things. And I don't think, on the whole, we're ready for that. Maybe I am. Or maybe I need to go sleep with a dozen babes, and then decide.

it's all good. I see the way. I'm cool if my neighbours learn the mysteries of female seduction (only a fraction would ever put the principles into practice, even if they knew them), at least it's a step in the right direction; and sure can't hurt their self-confidence, you know, understanding women.

I won't have to worry about the "competition"; while they're deciphering body-language and following eye motion, "eliciting values" and neg-hitting, I will simply breath in slowly, and locate willing females by scent. The rest is all easy, and sooo natural.

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @ corz.org

ps.. I'm told that the new PayPal button make my toolbar look slightly "skewiff" in Camino (OS X). Now, it's highly uncharacteristic of me, as you know, and I really don't know why this is, but I don't give a shit; I gave up on Camino a long time ago. Anyway, my mac's dead, so I don't see it! smiley for :ken:


okay, maybe not more than sex, but you get the idea. anyway, a good challenge can last for weeks, which sex rarely does.

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