OS X Webserver

If you run OS X, you can switch on personal web server in your sharing preferences and run corzblog as your personal web log! Simply drop the blog folder into the root of your web server, here..


You can then access your blog here..


And probably by a few other addresses too, on my OS X box it is http://imac/blog/ See the Full Instructions (above) for how to make the blog "live".

If you want to run a few people's blogs on one computer, or just enjoy doing this sort of thing, I recommend you look into setting up some virtual hosts then you could use jimsblog in your browser, or whatever.

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Welcome to corz.org!

Since switching hosts (I hope you are alright, Ed! Wherever you are …) quite a few things seems to be wonky.

Juggling two energetic boys (of very different ages) on Coronavirus lockdown, I'm unlikely to have them all fixed any time soon. Mail me! to prioritise!