I write good code when I'm drunk. Fact.

I remember a night well, years ago. I was up late listening to Annie Nightingale, Amon Tobin live session, which was by the way mind-blowing. After, I couldn't sleep and just kept drinking. And coding.

Around 5am or thereabouts I was so smashed I had to piss in a nearby pot and decided, fuck yes I will write a live chat system for

And about two hours later it was done and I uploaded it and within the hour was chatting to people, bleezin (which is one local word for drunk - there are many).

I never released this code. I always imagined it must be flawed in some way, hackable, exploitable, insecure; as I was so fucking minced when I wrote it. But still, I uploaded it, plugged it into the main page, contact page. This was decades ago.

It's still there, and often attacked. Never cracked to this day. Even that Russian hacker years ago that managed to get a file into a folder he definitely shouldn't have, didn't crack it. (thanks for being RuskiGreyHat, btw, as opposed to black; appreciated).

The thing is, when I look at it, I am amazed by its beauty (and this is early PHP), its elegant logic, the way it PUMPS data, like I was channelling Amon Tobin while coding. It even handles bbcode! Holy Shit!

It's also fun to read, like looking at pre-schooler art (which is often way better than actual "art"). So I suppose I should put it up somewhere, and others can have that fun, too. That's sharing. I'm not good at that; much to my detriment.

But I was minkit at the time, being one of those experimental(amazing)-still phases.. I literally couldn't get through to the bathroom. Sure, that was a big flat but, come on.

So it sits here, in the back-end, working, but privately. About ten years ago I got a kick (again, leathered), to upgrade it to HTML5, and ripped out those parts, but the actual code remains in its original state. I wouldn't want to mess with it.

I did a similarly-sozzled ESP32 sketch recently, which is simply fabulous! (insert deleted laugh)


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