What a fantastic time to be alive!

No wonder the earth is so populated; who wouldn't want to be alive at a time like this!

Take science. I mean every day some mind-boggling shit is happening. Today I read that scientists have created a brewer's yeast that can use light as an energy source, much in the same way plants do.

WHAT!?! That's like turning an animal into a plant.

So I can brew directly from the Sun. That's wild, though it may take a few years before I can purchase a pack of said yeast on eBay. I'm happy to wait a bit.

And they have finally figured out that Seaweed does a valuable job, which can be quantified; estimated to be worth around US$500 billion a year. Word. Next they'll be saying plants clean the air!*

Yesterday was even crazier.
Perhaps I should subscribe to less journals.


*Actually, they already did that one. Each adult tree is, in fact, worth hundreds of thousand of pounds per year in environmental services. Look it up. Then, you know, protect your local trees.

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