Mystic = bullshit

So, the world was skipping along, going forward, getting fixed, getting better, all that good stuff (no really, planet Earth has come a long way in the last 100 years) and then BOOM! Some idiot decides to drop a literal bomb on the world order.

Yes, Putin may be an idiot, but the simple fact is, he's still standing.

So, you need to consider that every single one of these sorcerers, magicians, mystics, psychics and other would-be super-powered individuals are absolutely full of shit.

Let me restate, you are full of shit. And the quicker your "congregation" or "cluster" or what-the-fuck-ever you call them, realise this, the better.

Otherwise, you would have done something about this. Right? ...

Sneaked your astral body into his night chamber, influenced his thinking, transported yourself in and assassinated. Put person A in place X. Or ANY FUCKING THING. But you have not.

So, we need to consider two possibilities;

ONE: This is exactly the way things are supposed to roll, and anyone enlightened enough to be able to perform these feats knows this and is letting it happen, so you can stop complaining and get on with it. Or..

TWO: Every single claim to "extraordinary" or "super" or whatever powers is total and utter bullshit and you need to get your head straight ASAP.


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