Thick as a plank.

So I have this planter up-ended (I know from photography, even a couple of feet from the window, light is severely reduced - a wide, deep window sill works better) and I'm thinking.. "What with those sticky-out legs, this could make a decent table" - its solid portions already being this for water bottles and dispensers, houseplants, wheatgrass trays and such. I'm thinking Deep work table. So I set off out to look for a "dod o' wid".

I get about Two hundred yards and meet a squat wardrobe, abandoned. One of its doors has already been unhinged and lies, completely unscathed, in front of the unit. Hmm.. About the right size; good thickness; strong but not too thick I can't saw it; nice clean pine without fittings. Perfect!

So I get it home. And it's perfect. I mean PERFECT.


I measure precise, it's not 0.25mm wider not 0.25mm narrower, but absolutely spot on. Saw not required. And it's times like that, as well as when I crack open a bottle of decent beer, that I'm reminded that belief in God is not required, either.

for now..

;o) Cor

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