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As I was just now saying to a good friend of mine; who is a Nobel prize winning author, but doesn't realize it; there is one person more loved and respected in all the world, miles more than any other. I am exaggerating, trying to prove a point. I aim to point her in the direction of the Nobel, nomatter the entry requirements, which there are.

I said "'her' work", and gave away a 50/50 clue, "is not only loved and enjoyed by children and adults, but by papperazzi and geek alike.". The geek part is significant. I expected to see and hear references to her work in modern fiction, television, drama, movies and all the rest; it goes with the turf; but the way she dropped the bomb on the smart crew is well worth noting. If you know a real geek, check out what laptop he owns and buy one; you'll have the most powerful rig in your clique, no doubt.

Her words, concepts, forms, all find themselves embedded in in hacker culture, and if you consider the mind of the hacker, that's no mean feat. I don't know of any other author (and There's clue No. 3) who has so successfully inserted their thoughts into such an insular and powerful group as the hacker elite, but there she is, bold as brass. At least, her ideas are; and that's what matters.

So, congratulations; and it's great to see you putting your enormous wealth to such worthy means while you're at at, and There's more yet to come, fo sho. About the ends; yup, on their way, of course. What a beautiful world.

for now..

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