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something's wrong with my new girlfriend..

an image

she never talks, for a start. I think it may be something to do with the manner of her arrival, the way she was all squished up in that box. it's not right for a woman to travel like that, without handmaidens.

It was all somewhat mysterious. one minute I was working away on some text or other, the next minute, there she was! or rather, a delivery guy. I don't recall asking for a wife, but there you go, some folks do interpret this site text in the oddest of ways. a jar of Tahini would have been fine. (in the style of Captain Jack Sparrow) I got PayPal buttons now mate; safely within your comfort zone!

something's wrong with humans. I've spotted it, maybe you did too. we're not right. it's almost like that's why we're here; to get it right. she has seams running up her legs, look closely at the photos, the latex and silicone workers have some way to go yet, but not that far. it's the the robotics engineers that are holding up the show, stuff she needs inside, and not my man-meat, sir, speech recognition! a voice! well, so long as she responds to "shut the fuck up bitch", I reckon we have a billion-seller.

I said "she", and not "it", didn't I? Perhaps I've watched i robot too many time, perhaps not. they'll take requests eventually, you know, you supply a photo, they make the doll. your ex-partner nightly ass-fucking your silicone likeness. scary.

Something's wrong with mankind, and it's going to take more than funky software to fix it. but it does seem that without funky software, we have no hope, gone too far along this path now, and can't go back. Maybe something's wrong for a reason, maybe the fixing it is what it's all about. Maybe we should get on with it, then.

2005, it's here, w00h00! 21st century, for real, all the Millenium (I hope I mispelled that) hype worn out, and we're living it. okay..

Of course, I'm a wee bit pissed still, so maybe she's just shy, and I need to sober up a bit and get to know her, intimately.

okay, I just found the link on a torrent site and it inspired an intersting train of thought, is all. I'm not hinting that I actually want one of these smooth (and I wonder if they are internally heated) lovely dolls for myself, no not me. I wonder what they feel like though, maybe hire one for a night, you know, in the name of scientific research

(and this is where I trail off...)

pity about suprnova, it could have went the other way.
sad, the MPAA.

for now..

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