bloody google!

What can I say? Time and Place is always a factor. Always. And keywords, of course.
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True, there may not be much corzblogging getting done this month, but I sure have been streaming a lot of text onto the web this last couple of weeks, mainly focused around this page, which google loves*.

Anyway, if topics like router hacking, port-forwarding, peer-to-peer networking, stealth firewalls, port probing (including a brand new live online p2p port probe) and suchlike interest you, then head along and join in the fun. So far we've destroyed one standard-issue BT voyager 205 router, as well as quell a few nightmares, not to mention come up with some certifiably funky hacks.

okay, I got editing to do.
for now..

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ps.. I noticed that now have a section for the Voyager 205 router in their UK Broadband FAQ. Wisely, rather than delve into this prickly issue, it simply says..

Are you looking for information regarding the BT Voyager 205 ADSL Modem/Router, if so, have a look at the following link:

Time and Place, you see.

and I love google, thank you!

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