one word, maybe two..

How to be brief? I ask myself this a lot when writing. it's an essential discipline for the technical stuff; how will this look at the other end of a translator? or to someone who doesn't understand the underlying concepts? reading things from another POV, some imaginary rotation of quirky characters, my team of fictional proof-readers who get no credit whatsoever yet work on regardless, becomes habit. A good one.

No automatic translator could handle that paragraph, not yet.

And so it is, this continual distilling of essential data, that one day I might reduce all useful instruction to a single, meaningful word, and then say it, and then die. That would be a worthy life, no doubt. But I'm not there yet, not even nearly.

I'm still grappling with the whole fucking mess of it, where we are, I mean, humans. And trying to square all that with the awe I feel when I look around me from a different, more real point of view. What an amazing world!

Did you know that certain specias of Ants keep cattle?

Every morning they march off down the trunk of their tree, herd up their catterpillars and lead them up to the safety of a higher leaf where they guard them, and milk them for their sticky juice. In the evening they march them back to their homes, where they watch over them 'til morning.

My papa used to say that if man was wiped out, the ants would take over the world*. I believe that, amongst other things.

I believe that we humans generally refuse to truly contemplate our magnificent paradise, Earth, because we are each doing something vital to Her destruction. aren't you?

The ants may get their chance a lot sooner than we think.

I have lots to say about that, and it's not your environmental green-eyed wishy-washy shite either, but about YOU, and how YOU are going to start implementing your part of the fix, and I don't mean recycling. And if you aren't ready to take responsibility for even a little part of this mess, maybe think about some things you take for granted, go away and don't come back until you are. But if you are, I have some juicy treats for your thinking box, oh yes!

You can't contemplate God, it's too busy now, and your mind isn't ready, how could it be? And anyway, you really aren't meant to, not yet. Those old religious manuals were written for a time before stock markets and viral epidemics and robotics and biomedicine and capitalism and the internet, and even if they'd known about these things, their underlying message would have still been the same.. chill, love each other, do your work... They are preparation, no more.

The good ones don't tempt humans to contemplate God, but to perfect themselves on Earth. Being "at one with God" or "a part of the creator" is your birthright, sure, but you were born on planet Earth. Contemplate THAT! She needs your help, now. And all the animals and birds and fish and trees and insects and everything are relying on YOU to do the right thing, and quickly. All of us.

I'm angry. Can you tell? I'm angry at so many things I want to burst. Not into flames, but into action, somehow split myself into a dozen good men and expode into all corners of the Earth. Anger is good. Anger leads to energetic action, if you know what you're doing with it. And if you don't know how to transmute anger, for your own sake, don't GET ANGRY! smiley for :eek:

Ahh.. but here I am. And I have my internet (yes, it's MINE!) and I can split myself a thousand ways, a thousand times a day, implant me demon seed in your soft and pulpy untrained mind. it's *your* eyes doing the left-right thing, I didn't force you here, but I'm glad you came.

This came to me last night, and it's about right, if you know what I mean..
Mother Nature,
My God!

You only have to say it once out loud. Goan.

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @

If you minced up all the people and put them in a big bucket, and minced up all the ants and put them in a big bucket, There's just as much ant as human, but they mostly keep out of our way, very intelligent.

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