STOP! No one's using it any more!

I've realised something which I believe to be of vital importance to web developers all over the world, of which there are zillions.

No one is using Internet Explorer any more. No one.

The only folk using interent explorer are web developers testing their sites for "backward compatability", "backward" being the operative word. All those site statistics? that's YOU! Refresh, tweak, swear at Microsoft for their stupid non-standards compliant piece of crap, refresh, swear again, tweak, refresh, refresh, refresh, All those hits, it's YOU! And other web developers, of which there are zillions.

Real people gave up using that pile of junk the moment Firefox came out, not that there aren't dozens of other superior web browsers out there. I'm rather taken with Opera these days. That fit-width is a killer feature, especially down small.

So here's the good news, you don't have to worry about making your sites function on that web-pig any more, no one's using it! really! Just you guys, testing. You can just delete all those sections of code now, start using transparent PNG's and everything. Effectively, you can forget about IE (aka. "aaayyyyeeeeeeeeiiiiiiii!!!!") altogether.

And how do I know this?

Well, I've just spent the last two days using Internet Explorer a *lot*, making* backwards compatable and I can tell ye, I've almost gone fucking insane! NO ONE, I mean NO HUMAN in their right mind is using that hillock of Bill-drivel, NO WAY!


:o) The Writing Entity @

ps.. yeah, well, maybe wishful thinking, but it's gifs for you Billy-goats, GIFS!!


well,, to be precise

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