oh! and the translation!

I almost forgot!

it's not quite 100% yet (more like 30%, hasn't been tested more than briefly, and definitely doesn't work on some parts of the site), and really screws up the css of my blog, too, but if you add -fr, -de, -it, -pt, or -es to the end of one of my URL's, you can get a French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish version of the page1, courtesy of google, and some mod_rewrite magic.

I particularly enjoyed the German version of my sign-off, here it is..

for now..

;o) Cor


note: you need to use the real URL for this to work, not "folder/" URL's. most of mine are "index.php", so for instance, the french version of my blog is at http://corz.org/blog/index.php-fr

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Welcome to corz.org!

Since switching hosts (I hope you are alright, Ed! Wherever you are …) quite a few things seems to be wonky.

Juggling two energetic boys (of very different ages) on Coronavirus lockdown, I'm unlikely to have them all fixed any time soon. Mail me! to prioritise!