corz distro machine... EXTREME!

Well, here it is, finally, and without further ado, the changes, except in user-friendly chronological order, just this once..

0.9b1 - no releases for a while until I get the other features in.

added depth infinity..

you can now put folders inside folders inside folders and so on, and the distro machine will keep on doing its thing. if you are using a custom css file, please note the additional URL styles for .menu_title because the title is now a series of links along the path you have travelled, which is nifty.

also the changes to the .sub_sections_title style, which is now a link to the corresponding "other" section; if you have a downloads section called "foo", and a source section called "foo", the powerbar title will become a link enabling users to toggle between the corresponding sections, so long as they occupy the same locations, relative to their own "root" folder be it "download" or "source".

0.9.1 - 0.9.7
XHTML re-work

Where to begin on how much better this is? Forget it!

Simply put, it's clean, it's clear, and you can do funky stuff like switch the panes around by doin no more than switching "left" for right, and vica-versa, in your css. MY machine is all transparent and cool orange, because it's here, but YOUR distro machine could be anything you want.

It's now trivial to create pages that have wee boxes with download menus in them, scattered anywhere on your page. Joy of CSS!

distro machine can now automatically re-route to moved source files it performs a scan of its folders, and returns the frst matching target. So long as the file name hasn't changed, the user won't even realize it was moved.

added pajamas login capability. this is only for admin functions (by design) the "secure area" uses a different authentication mechanism.

Note: you can use an existing pajamas installation, if you have one.

Only the comments script to go, and I have a site-wide login! w00t!

Fixed the embedding features functionality (which I'd disabled during the recent updating). Works great. I'm using the (new) download page as a demo of the various available embedding combinations..

I think it's almost ready for its next release.

Added Hot-Link Protection.

Fixed embedded text highlighting (non-php) where extra frmatting was being applied. this feature was a freebie after adding the text highlighting code, I just fixed it up.

improved a couple of other features of the non-php highlighting, and added specifics for a couple more types, autoit code and batch files.

the text highlighting services can handle any extensions, simply add or remove them in the prefs.

Improved hot-link protection - added "strict" option for extra security.

Added a couple of example active hot-link messages you might like

Upgraded the distro machine web pages to XHTML, at last!

First official XHTML release.

Fixed a couple of minor issues with the path title in the stats page

Made the "powered by" link open in a fresh window, so you don't lose your visitors to!

NOTE: in the release, the source menu is disabled, as I figure that's how most people will want to use it. If you need source menus, simply enable that in the prefs.

Have fun!


ps. a thousand apologies for the list styles that temporarily made this blog, and other areas of the site look like an explosion in a bauble factory; oh the power of CSS!

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