• + 64 bit version now available.

    A lot of the functionality has had a rewrite to accommodate this update, many of my old hacks stopped working! On the bright side, the new code will be more compatible with future versions of Windows.

  • + You can now choose to omit certain drives from the list. So now you have completely independent ignore controls for space checking AND display. This is especially handy for ReadyBoost volumes and such like.

  • + Vastly improved email facility. CorzSpaZio now uses Windows' built-in CDO, so can now use your regular mail host to send alert emails. It turns out most Windows users don't have access to a local mail server!

    You can also send mail using standard SSL (admittedly, disk space warnings are probably not a high security issue for most people, but I can think of a few situations where this sort of information leak could be critical**), send to non-standard ports, send CC and BCC mails, specify priority, attach files, all that good stuff.

    ** It should probably also be noted that CorzSpaZio stores your email addresses and password encrypted in your ini file, especially useful for portable installations.

    Note: You can also send test emails directly from the GUI and tray menu, to check everything is working as expected, though note, if you do this from the mail preferences window, your screencap will be of the mail preferences window! Of course, under normal circumstances, this screencap will be your drive list. If you are working on CorzSpaZio's options, it's unlikely you need an email update of the drive list window - it's right there

  • + CorzSpaZio can now also automatically attach a screencap image of your current drive list (actually, it sends a capture of its entire window, assuming you have your drive list at the front, that's what will get captured). This is in addition to the usual list of critical drives.

  • + New licensing scheme - every user gets their own code (the About Box also changes for registered users)

  • + Online version checking - keeps you up to date with the latest releases.

  • + If you set the column titles to all blank, CorzSpaZio will thoughtfully remove the title row altogether, for a super-compact view. Be warned, though, you will lose the ability to sort the rows by column header!

  • + CorzSpaZio gets my new-and-improved About box, with handy System Info window (click the pulsing platform indicator).

  • + Added TB (Terabyte) values to the mix. That should keep us going for a while.

  • * Fixed a bug where double-clicking on the drives under Windows 7 would always open up "My Computer".

  • * Fixed a minor issue with the "About CorzSpaZio" tray menu item getting checked if you chose that, rather than just activating the about box.

  • * Fixed a bug in the maximum threshold limit checking. The % and GB values were swapped around internally. This didn't affect free space checking, only the warning message that pops up to inform you that you have entered an improbable threshold value.

    For those that didn't realize that you could hack these values inside your CorzSpaZio.ini, now you do!

    Above-mentioned warning will now only pop up one time, when you first set the threshold. If you return to your settings and change something else, you won't get a subsequent warning (nor will CorzSpaZio attempt to override your settings in any way)

  • ~ Updated the download URL you get sent to on version checking.

for now..


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