OodleCam 0.9.3

I got a chance to play with an ACTi E62 today, specifically, OodleCam + ACTi E62.

While I could login manually, the ACTi's non-standards-compliant web interface made OodleCam's auto-login impossible. This does take some of the fun out of OodleCam. Enter..

OodleCam 0.9.3..

The ACTi uses a regular "frame" login, but the frame has no name. Now OodleCam can be given an empty name (in the custom login settings) and it will simply work with the first frame in the page.


That's the only change. If you are running OodleCam and it's working for your camera, you don't need this update. If OodleCam isn't working for your camera, dodgy HTML could be the cause, and this new OodleCam just might do the trick.

Have fun!


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