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There's been quite a lot of development work done in the last month, mostly Windows apps, with quite a few updates hitting the site. I just haven't felt much like writing about it. I still don't, so I'll be brief.

checksum, of course, is now released. In short, file hashing has evolved, finally become a point-and-click task. Go check it out. There's also a new beta available, around here somewhere.

I also put up a new Windows program, some thing I designed for testing checksum, but which has recently become more generally useful, and so I thought I might share. It's called Batch Runner, and does no more than run lots of programs in a batch. Or one single program loads of times with different parameters, or whatever you like. It also has the coolest icon I've ever done; which paradoxically took the least time to create.

What else? An updated version of that silly little Copy-To-Clipboard PowerToy went up, and is now a fair replacement for the real thing, handling multiple files on a drag-and-drop, as it does.

I gave the KDE Window Resizer a page of its own, because it's too damn useful to skulk in the shadows of the download engine, and deserved some limelight. I plan to do that with a lot more of the downloads and site spare parts, explain them, make the most of the code. If you haven't used KDE, or have used it, and miss those Alt-Click window resize and reposition HotKeys, you definitely want to check out the KDE resizer - when I install an XP system, it's the first thing I put in, feeling disabled without it. Try it.

If you use my AutoIt includes, there have been updates in there, too. You know where to look.

There's other stuff, but I've had enough of writing now.


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