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I did this on my regular blog, but thought I should probably do it here, too. While my blog is certainly the place to spout about the concept of Shirtware, this is place to write about the nuts and bolts of the thing, which this post is mainly about. Also, some of my beta testers are subscribed to only the devblog, for some weird reason..

After coming up with the concept of Shirtware, I have to admit, I've been a bit bamboozled by how I might actually make it work. Simply telling folk that some piece of groovy software is Shirtware, and asking could they please buy a shirt, wasn't going to cut it. People are lazy, as you know, and strangely not motivated to spend money if they don't have to, regardless of the impact on independent software developers like yours-truly.

It was a conundrum; you see I want let people use the software for free, as in zero cost, but also, I'd like to get paid. I also wanted something that was easy to implement inside the shirtware applications themselves - complex code encryption and online registration schemes are too painful for all involved, I feel. If someone is too broke to pay for some cool software, and wants to use for free, they will find a way. Good luck to them, I say!

Anyhoo, this blog is to let interested parties know that I finally got a Shirtware system that I'm happy with, and I've implemented it in checksum rc1; it goes like this..

Just like Shareware, checksum will pop up a dialog in 30 days. Unlike Shareware, it will continue to function just fine, whether or not you decide to buy a shirt at that time. However, this dialog will keep bugging you whenever you launch checksum, until you take a look at the shirts. A quick glance is just fine.

Once you do this, you won't see a dialog for another month, and so on, until you get a shirt. With all the time checksum is saving you, and the extra peace of mind; you can manage this. Or else just get a shirt. ;o)

In other words, everyone can use checksum for free and either a) take a look at my shop, once a month, or b) go buy a shirt right now.

This way everyone wins; you get to use the software for free, and I have a shot at actually making a living, and really, it costs you nothing, because you need clothes anyway!

Get something you want, buying something you need.. Shirtware

Also, you want one of my T-Shirts, because they are Good.

for now..


More Better Captcha

The gd-verification script under all the comments got a bit of an update today. For some time, I've been aware that I'd basically made the comments facility inaccessible to anyone without an image capable browser, like Lynx users, for example.

I had my sleeves rolled up in the comments facility, adding pajamas capability (so now I don't have to login or verify or anything, to have full access to the comments), so it seemed as good a time as any to add this new text-based authentication.

I've uploaded a new class+demo, and the code can be got right here. For demonstration purposes, you are also allowed to switch between text and image mode, try them out.

A new preference has been added to the php class to enable this new functionality. Now you can choose between 'image', 'text', or 'auto'; 'auto' being the most sensible choice; gd-verify will query the browser's capabilities, and if it can take images, send them, otherwise it sends text. You can also query gd-verify in advance, and find out what sort of container you will need, either <img or <div tag, depending.

The demo script shows how to make all this happen - it's pretty easy; as well as a simple method (checkbox) to enable your to users decide which method they would prefer, if that's your bag.

for now..


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