Active-Error-Pages icon/logo, a simple slot-wheel, the first showing digits 4 and 5, the second, 0 and 1, and the third, 1, 3 and 4, donating all the different error documents AEP can handle.

Active Error Pages

Intelligent custom error document handling..


404 pages are more important than we generally think. Most visitors, when presented with a broken link, will just go elsewhere. A decent 404 page will give you a "second-shot", keep them hanging around, shows you care, which many webmasters don't. Hit a 404 at for a wee demo.

The other error documents are generated automatically, so they can all share your site's layout and styles.

What it does..

As well as the usual valid link to your front page and contact email address to click and give feedback, Active Error Pages provides an intelligent response to your site's missing documents..

First, Active Error Pages does automatic redirection for all your site's moved pages. Whenever you move a page, simply add it to Active Error Pages's "catcher" list, (aka. "moved.ini") and have all visitors and search engines automatically and permanently redirected, without any fuss or .htaccess hacking.

For genuinely missing documents, Active Error Pages goes on to do a quick (usually 0.01 seconds or less) scan of your site, looking for similarly named documents, and returns a list matching files as links. Active Error Pages is capable of "fuzzy" matching, too, so it will catch typos in most hand input URL's.

If there is only a single matching document, Active Error Pages can (optionally) jump the visitor directly to that document, quite nifty. This auto-jumping can be either by meta-refresh, or proper 302/301 HTTP headers. The latter is preferable; Active Error Pages' 404 page does look cool, but its purpose is to get users to the correct page as soon as possible, if at all possible..

Finally, if no matches are found, Active Error Pages (optionally) presents the user with a corzoogle search form, the important part of their query already inserted into the search field, enabling them to perform a full content search of your web site.

If the error isn't a 404 (perhaps a 401 Authentication Error, or 403 Permission Denied Error) Active Error Pages won't search your site, simply spits out the correct, pre-defined error response page. You can edit these in your settings (at the top of active-error-pages.php).

Get Active Error Pages..

What Active Error Pages has over "Clever-404"..

You can view the php source code here..

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And download a ready-to-go zip package, right here..


Active Error Pages

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LIVE MD5+SHA1 Multi-Hashes..
# made with checksum.. point-and-click hashing for windows (64-bit edition). # from # #md5#Active Error 72c2f686ce635d437476e5b691b9bba4 *Active Error #sha1#Active Error a60c4c0a039f2ace5585d7ffc5f9b17591bd38d2 *Active Error

And that's it! You keep your lost visitors now.

Have fun!


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