A small update to the checksum (and simple checksum) betas has arrived! Here's what's changed..   [current beta release]

+~  Improved the recent command-line output functionality. You can now
	specify a full path for the file so you can keep it outside your data
	directory, if required. You can also use @Tokens in this path/name,
	perhaps creating different files for different items/dates/whatever.

	NOTE: Your old file/name/ preference will be automatically updated (in
	this beta version) to "@userdir\OldFileName".

	You can now disable command-line output appending to the file,
	essentially creating a new file (deleting the old one) for each and
	every job.

*   Fixed a bug where if you specified a non-existent output directory in
	the one-shot options, checksum would, rather than prompt you about this,
	continue in the original directory. checksum will now correctly prompt
	the user in this situation.

*   Fixed a bug where under certain unusual circumstances, discovering an
	empty checksum file could crash checksum.

*   Fixed a bug in the .tar.md5 handling, which was recently introduced. I
	really must pay closer attention to those "script breaking changes"!

simple checksum

+   The simple checksum window can now be set to automatically become opaque
	when you hover your mouse over it. You can set the transparency up high
	so it's nearly invisible, then when you go to use it, it's /there/.

	I saw and like this feature in the NeTtraffic tool. (

*   Fixed the erroneous checking of tray menu items.

Full details in the itstory.

You can grab the latest checksum (and simple checksum) beta from the usual place.

for now..


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