It's Hammer Time!

I've added a new back-end demon here at the .org..

Hammer Protection.

The code for this originated in my php site chat script, and goes roughly like this; if you request a page within a certain time from your previous request (currently set to half a second), your hammer count gets increased. When this count reaches a certain level, it's Hammer Time! And instead of the page you were after, you get a cute message, instead.

At first, you only have to wait a few seconds to try again, but the more you hammer, the longer you have to wait, up to Twenty seconds, currently. Be warned.

Under normal usage, you should never see this message; you would need to make ten requests in under five seconds to see even the first message. But by all means try it out, let me know what you think.

If anyone experiences any difficulties with this new feature, mail to the usual place. Ta.


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