I honestly didn't think anyone read the devblog, I only use it to keep notes! But my inbox informs me that about that, I am wrong (and not for the first time), and so for my avid reader(s apparently), here's the skinny..

I haven't been in the mood for code, simple as that. And when you give it all away for free, that's as good a reason as you need to give! If you want stuff quicker, buy en effin shirt! smiley for :lol:

Actually, I have quite a few things in the pipeline, currently undergoing the usual "test period". It's very like writing prose or poetry; you need to put it in a drawer for a few months before you look at it again - after which time, it invariably looks very different.

With software it's a more interactive process; because they are running all the time, and flaws, foibles and bugs come to light quickly. Currently, I'm making "2do" notes about; "CorzSpaZio"; a drive space monitor that works; "SystemiZer", a cool accessory for folk who like to use custom icons on their windows desktop (a picture saves a thousand words, and all that), as well as a beta of checksum (the best hashing application on planet earth, bar none), amongst other things. Honest guv, I haven't forgotten about you!

Release dates?
See the title of this blog!

However, on the plus side, I feel a "code block" coming on. That's a good thing, at least for the devblog, which, I could have sworn, no one reads, anyway.

for now..


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