CorzSpaZio 1.1b

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A new CorzSpaZio beta is available. Changes..

+ Big reductions to excecutable file size and memory usage.

~ Improved the recycle bin emptying. The (ToolTip) messages are more descriptive, with proper pluralization and such. Also, the number of items deleted is now reported in the message.

~ Recycling messages can now be placed in CorzSpaZio's title bar, rather than a ToolTip, if you prefer (at-a-glance settings).

+ You can now choose whether or not CorzSpaZio has a taskbar entry. This (enabled) is mainly for folk that like to use Win+M a lot, to clear their desktop. Note: After doing a minimize all, CorzSpaZio will require two clicks on its tray icon to be restored.

The preference for this isn't ideally placed, I know.

+ Added a "SizeAll" cursor to the draggable area, for the mouse hover.

* Fixed a minor bug where dragging a wav file onto the audio alert input wouldn't update the input to the new wav file (nor test it) if the wav had already been already imported. CorzSpaZio will now appear to behave as if you had dragged a whole new WAV file, selecting and testing it, whilst doing no actual import. In future, just select it from the list!

* Fixed a bug where choosing black did not reset the background color to it's default setting, as it is supposed to.

+ You can now set the foreground (text) color for the list. This will be useful if you prefer a light-on-dark type color scheme, or muted colors or whatever you like.

~ The automatic Alt row colouring now uses proper luminance values to shift the color darker, preserving the color scale accurately. In other words, your alt color won't be so grey. Along with the new foreground colouring, this makes the listview potentially quite pleasing on the eye.

  ~ As a result, the slider range has been increased, it's now 1-240.

~ I re-arranged the List Options, to make the background color selection more logical. Also, you can get to the color picker for the background color without having to first enable the alt row color, which sounds more like a bug-fix.

* Fixed a bug where the low space icon wasn't being set at launch time.

Downloads, updated screenshots, and so on, at the CorzSpaZio page.


Get Windows 7 Beta

I couldn't help but notice a nice stream of inward links from the Pirate Bay just before the new year (simple checksum). Turns out someone leaked a copy of the Windows 7 beta. Of course, for research purposes, I had to check this out!

As you know, I hate Vista, and that's not a word I use flippantly. HATE. I have no plans to use it on any machine, ever. I came, I saw, I was disappointed. But Windows 7 is something else. Anyway, that's not why I'm blogging. Time is a factor, so I'll get to the point..

Although this initial release was, erm, "unofficial", that is no longer the case, and the first 2.5 million "IT Professionals" who get their butts along to this page, can have a legal copy of Windows 7, direct from Microsoft, as well as a legitimate license key (expires August). Simply enter your hotmail/live email address, and click a few buttons. Tada!

I haven't got it setup on a dedicated machine yet, but I did throw it into VirtualBox1 the instant I got it (the leaked one, that is). I like it. That's all I'm going to say about W7 for now.

Note: The leaked version is bit-perfectly identical to the one available from Microsoft, so if you already have a copy, you can skip that download.

Have fun!


ps. If you go for this, remember, it is not a production release. In other words, a) installing it on a machine you rely on for work would be insane, and b) you are expected to provide feedback, let Microsoft know what's wrong with it, etc. If enough of us do this, Windows 7 will come out not-crap, and that's better for everyone.

1. Note: VirtualBox doesn't (yet) officially support Windows 7, so you need to run the Guest Additions in (Vista) Compatibility mode. Or better yet, put it on a dedicated machine.

ffe.. that ffmpeg front-end

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It's amusing to me that programs I slave over for weeks and months can take months, even years to gain any sort of audience, whereas programs I've tossed off in a lunch-break or less can get almost instant world-wide attention, and praise, download-fests. *cough*KDE-Sizer*cough* Did I say "amusing"? I meant something else.

ffe falls squarely into the middle of this scale; thrown together one afternoon a couple of years back, it has served us well, front-ending for ffmpeg; putting a handle on its many controls, making them accessible, usable. But like most programs, ffe had some annoyances, and even a bug. Also, there were a few things I "always wanted" for it, each new inward link reminds, thanks! I planned another afternoon. Did I say "Afternoon"? I meant, whole effin week-end! Well, on and off..


+   Portable usage is now fully supported. Simply drop your ini file next
    to ffe.exe. You're done.

+   Added a special "portable install" switch, which is "portable", e.g..

        c:\path\to\ffe.exe portable

    This will copy a fresh ini file into place for you. This is useful for 
    new portable installs, or if you just can't be bothered locating / don't 
    need any settings from, your existing ini file.

    You only need to use this one time, if at all.

+   ffe can now accept file paths on its command-line, so you can launch 
    with a video file ready-to-go. This also means you can use it in an 
    Explorer Context (right-click menu) command.

+   You can load presets at launch time by using the spacial parameter, 
    "load", followed by the name of the preset in braces..
        C:\path\to\ffe.exe load(Preset Name Here) E:\path\to\video.flv
    Files can be processed immediately, using the switch, "go", like so..
        C:\path\to\ffe.exe go(Preset Name Here) E:\path\to\video.flv

    If your preset contains specified in and out files, those will be,
    used. If file names are supplied on the command-line, any file 
    names stored inside the preset will be temporarily ignored.

    If MATOF is enabled, the output file name will contain all the ffmpeg
    parameters used in the conversion, as usual.

    See the ffe page for more details.

~   STDERR reading has been improved in AutoIt. So now console output is 
    only updated when STDERR actually contains new data, eliminating the 
    flicker you get when building on recent versions of AutoIt.

~   The console output window is now editable, so you can copy and paste out 
    of it, or whatever.

*   Fixed a bug where ffe could disable your "q" key during conversion.

~   Removed the "Enter" Hotkey ({F1} (or Alt+D) now starts the process).

~   ffe now always scrolls to the bottom of the log output when complete,
    regardless of whether or not log append is enabled.

+   Added the total time taken to the foot of log.

~   Drag & Drop a new file onto file input now updates the output file input 
    [sic] automatically, regrdless of whether or not MATOF is enabled, and
    whether or not there was already a file path in the output file input.

    While potentially annoying someone, this is much more generally useful
    for ffe's intended usage.

+   If the ffmpeg binary (ffmpeg.exe) is not present, ffe will now present 
    the user with a dialog where they can locate it. If all that fails, to
    avoid confusion, ffe will not draw the "Do It!" button.

~   I updated the codec definitions to match the new formats. I'm currently
    using ffmpeg rev12665. e.g. "xvid" is now "libxvid", "mp3" is now 
    "libmp3lame". They didn't make it backwards-compatible.

+   ffe got a new program icon! I Included a 48x48, version for tiled windows.

+   Also created new icons for the file locate buttons. Like the old ones, 
    but documents this time, not folders. What was I thinking?

+   Ctrl+F now brings up the Find dialog. Clever, huh!

+   Shift-click the help button to instead open the help file with your 
    system's default .nfo file viewer. Clicking normally (to get the help in 
    the console output window) will now also activate the console window, if 
    it wasn't already.

*   Fixed a few other minor gui irregularities, things that happen in states
    that I don't normally put ffe into (e.g. run with console window disabled).

~   I ported across my window-sizing routines, so the ffe window will now
    remain in-desktop, nomatter what you do. 

+   ffe now stores its version number inside its preference file, and uses
    this to decide if your ini file needs to be upgraded.

+   You can now override the log path (log_file), as well as disable logging

+   ffe can now handle ffmpeg prompts, and pass a y/n response back to 
    ffmpeg. So far, I've only seen this prompting when ffmpeg needs to 
    overwrite a file, but there may be other prompts. If you see any others,
    please let me know (ffe can already handle them, but it would be good to
    know so that I can post specific title bar messages).

+   And more!

For hackers and compilers..

~~  ICON INDEXES HAVE SHIFTED BY ONE. You must compile with a recent version 
    of AutoIt, or else revert the indexes to their previous values (-5, etc).

    I've also added a couple more extra icons for the buttons. Use or ignore.

~   AutoIt Update:  _GUICtrlEditScroll  ->  _GUICtrlEdit_Scroll 
    Associated constants are also updated.

~   I've added compile directives for Obfuscator. Although it does no actual
    Obfuscating (I detest the very notion!), it does strip comments, unused
    functions, constants and more before compiling and can make a big 
    difference not only to the final size of the executable, but also its 
    memory usage. If, like me, you don't use SciTe, note that Obfuscator 
    needs to be in a folder named "Obfuscator", sitting NEXT to your 
    AutoItWrapper folder, mimicking  its position inside the SciTe 

    Obfuscator can be downloaded from the AutoIt site, SciTe downloads page.

    Big thanks to wraithdu for pointing me at Obfuscator.

There's also an updated source pack containing all the new code, icons, documentation, everything you need (at least from me) to build a custom ffe for yourself, if that's your bag.

I've updated the ffe page with all the new goodies, you can get there by clicking the funky new logo at the top of this post.

Have fun!


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