corz distro machine 0.9.22 beta

It's been a while since the last distro machine release, reason being; I've been chasing down an incredibly weird bug which affected only Firefox. In fact, as it turned out; only Firefox running on my system.

There was something up with my Firefox installation, and a clean reinstall (which was far less painful than I imagined it would be, with all those extensions and such) fixed everything. So at long last, you can get up-to-date with the latest version running right here at the .org.

There have been quite a few changes since the last official beta release, and enough time has passed since the last of them for me to confidently call it "stable". If all goes well, this will become the next official stable release.

0.9.22 [current beta testing live version]

Added a preference for "cookie-less" hot-linking for approved download sites; basically a list of domains (or full URLs) which you allow to bypass the hot-link and cookie protection.

This is handy if you promote your software via the big download sites, most of which will simply link back to your (distro machine) download location.


Fixed a bug in the non-php source viewing (I was in too much of a rush last time I updated the distro machine, throwing features in) AutoIt scripts, for instance, would throw up an empty page - the raw view worked fine. This also fixed the php-viewed-as-other bug I'd introduced.

Fixed the cookies issue which prevented downloads from embedded menus and external links, if "insist_on_cookies" was set to true - which it was in my test version - always the latest version running live at the org!)

Increased number of built-in supported source types.


Fixed occasional root path quirks, where in the absence of corresponding source/download folders, the switch-to link could throw up spurious "./" and "." prependments. This in no way affected the distro machine's functions, but did mean that you could potentially create two identical menus, available via different URI's, which could have possible SEO repercussions, as well as cause confusion.

There should also be no more "/." links in the section menu if you have switched to a root directory menu.

Fixed an issue where spaces in the file name would cause downloaded file names to be truncated to the first word, so "a sample" would land up in your downloads folder as "a". I apologize for taking so long to get around to this; I've known about it for ages, but for some reason had gotten into the habit of not using spaces, and believing that it would be tremendously difficult to fix. When I sat down and looked at it, I coded the solution in around 1.4 seconds. ho-hum ... :/

Added a preference for "always attach", which is useful if you are running the distro machine in multimedia mode - certain files can always* be sent as proper attachments (e.g. zip files), ensuring they stupid browsers don't attempt to display then, or save them with weird names.

Be careful enabling multimedia downloading - if a user downloads an audio file, or image to their browser, then views something else, then comes back to the original file - they won't get to download it again.

If multimedia downloading is disabled, it will be in their downloads folder. I may do a pref to allow multiple downloads of a file if running in multimedia mode - let me know what you think.

All preferences with file extensions are no longer arrays(), but simple lists, separated by commas.

Added a new preference, "insist on cookies", which, as well as ensuring certain evil spidering entities don't go scooping all your files, ensures that the overload protection works in all cases.

All web browsers can do cookies. If they want your resources, they can easily enable them for your site. Most sane people have then enabled.

Fixed a potential issue where the name of previously-downloaded files wasn't being stored with the full path, just the name. This would have made it impossible to download a second file with the exact same name as a previously downloaded file. The full path is now stored, so this is no longer possible.

So there you have it.


checksum 1.0

This month seems to have slipped away, and with another emptyish devblog to boot, but quite a lot has happened, dev-wise.

Most importantly, checksum got released; which is to say, I put out a release candidate, and didn't get back one single bug report from its beta testers, switched its version number to 1.0, and slipped it into the engine. Help yourself.

Remember how I created a PAD file, the idea being that one can submit the URL of said file to the major download sites, and they scoop up the details automatically, and update the same way. This turned out to be a pipe-dream.

Okay, I've only tried it on a half dozen sites, so far, but these are the major players, and while they mostly all offered the facility to grab the PAD file, so far, only one of them was able to use this information to create a software listing without any manual intervention on my part. So much for that.

Other stuff …


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