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2MB of Spam per day is too much for me to deal with, which is why the comments currently don't work, in case you wondered. And also I've been away some over the Summer, but that's another story.

To get around the spam thing, I decided on one of those funky image verification routines that are necessarily becoming quite common on the web. Of course, I had to create my own; being a GD expert and all. *ahem*

So here it is, no here..

Looks something like this..   an image   ..and works great.

Yesterday morning, I got it hacked into my ever-faithful comment thingie (by 'ever faithful' I mean it never fails to dumps all those comments into my inbox, whether they were successful or not, and whether I like it or not).

Once I get a chance to trawl through said inbox - currently down to 1769 messages; if you are a human that's mailed my in the last couple of months, your reply will come soon, I promise. At least, the ones not asking asking for free tech help, that is. Top-right of each of each page, overlapping P's, say no more! smiley for ;)

Oh yeah; the inbox! Well, once I get all the best potential comments converted into actual comments on my development mirror (where you can see the image verification in-situ, right now, if that's your bag) I'll re-enable (I just don't feel comfortable using that word without a dash) the comments (with a wee hack, I could perhaps even enable them one at a time. hmm..). Oh, that's the sentence finished.

In fact, this whole entry.

for now..


ps.. Bonner (MOIN FM DJ, and increasingly tattooed local mate) asked me yesterday, "are you going to put a notice saying that it has to be case-sensitive". "NO!", I replied, "It's just one more technique to filter out stupid people". One intelligent reader is worth ten thickos in my book. Not there isn't a place for stupid people on this Earth, just not here, okay.

I figured devblog readers are quite smart, so you can appreciate the humour without spoiling the fun.

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