Keyboard Shortcut developers MUST add!

I know, I should blog more. *yawn*

So, here's something I do hundreds of times a day, the quick way.

If I was to do it the slow way, it would take at least twice as long.

So I'm sharing..

I have no idea what text editor/IDE you use, but surely there is a way to configure macros for keyboard commands and surely there is a way to assign those macros to shortcuts. Good.

So, create a macro that does these simple things.


And assign it to a keyboard shortcut (I use Ctrl+\). Boom! Your cursor is right back to where it was before you started scrolling / searching / replacing / etc..

I take this for granted, but just remembered that it's a thing I actually need to setup when I switch over to a new editor, for some reason -- acquaintance sent me a link to a new editor and I did this shortcut forgetting that it's not a standard thing, which it most definitely should be. Add: menu item

  wiggle undo   (ctrl + \)

I know this is doable in Kate (KDE Desktop) and Notepad++ (Windows) and probably all decent editors (and if your favourite editor/OS can't do it; as ever; bug the developer -- this is how we change the world; by bugging people) so you have no excuse not to give yourself this functionality and save oodles of time you can better spend elsewhere.


ps. This title is a bit click-baitey. Apologies. Google steals my shit then hates me. Go figure.

LoopDropZ v0.7.1

I seem to have misplaced a few blog posts. Och well..

In case you hadn't noticed, LoopDropZ; that wonderful little open source seamless background audio looper is now better than ever..

Recent changes..
* Sound layering.

* MP3 (and other format) capabilities.

* HotKey volume control (micro/macro control).

* Command-Line looping.

Along with all the old goodies; super-low CPU and memory usage, handy drop-down audio list, preview facility, playlist looping and more.

Check out LoopDropZ here.


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