256 pixel logo for Color Pickin Chooser

Color Pickin Chooser Pro..

a color chooser for the power user!

The free version of Color Pickin Chooser is nice, but it doesn't play nice with modern Windows, and lacks a few features I (and others) still wanted in a color picker. More work was required. Enter Color Pickin Chooser pro..

Color Pickin Chooser pro works flawlessly in Windows 7 and Windows 8 (and the family of Windows OS around them). The live magnifier is snappy at any magnification (yes, you can choose now!) and everything runs more smoothly.

Memory and resource usage is reduced, with an eye to extended run-times - my copy has been running for weeks, always available on a pre-configured HotKey (by default, Ctrl+F1) for instant color choosing. Operation is simpler and more intuitive. Essentially, Color Pickin Chooser has been taken to the next level..


User-definable color picking images..

screenshot image of Color Pickin Chooser displaying a basic set of colours and a standard color picker image

All available from a handy context (right-click) menu.

Import images (even whole folder or drives!) as easily as a drag & drop.

Automatic menu sorting - throw in folders of images, they become menu sections.

Select any folder to use as picker images.

Comes with a selection of sample pickers.

And more!

Luminance gradient selection..

The smoothest gradient selector on planet earth, well, pretty smooth.

With live luminance facility (F5)

Color gradients..

You can also create gradients from two picked colors.

Ctrl+Click sets the top of the gradient. Ctrl+Shift+Click sets the bottom. Yum!
You can create some truly spectacular or spectacularly ugly gradients this way!

Built-in magnifier..

With live mag facility (F6)

Includes "super-mag" for out-of-gui pixel capture anywhere on your desktop(s).

Magnification levels from 1x (1:1 capture) all the way up to 50x (a single pixel sample!)

Live hex tool tips and title bar..

(or whatever output format you specify)

Hold down SHIFT to see live color values in your chosen output format, with or without prefix, as required.

User-definable color groups..

You can save colors in any number of color groups.

Keep all your color schemes in one handy central location.

Groups can be created, copied, edited and deleted, colors created, renamed, and deleted, all from within the gui.

Advanced color sorting..

screenshot image of Color Pickin Chooser displaying x-ray of Homer Simpson's brain, and lots of blues

You can sort the colors in your group by name, by Red, Green or Blue values, or by Hue, Saturation, or Lightness values.

Repeat the sort to sort in reverse!

Unpatented 'Duplex Fuzzy-Algo Multi-Sort™' functionality enables you to mix-and-match your sort routines to get the color order exacitaly right! No really, try it!

Handy HotKey controls for all sort functions make sorting quick and easy.

Drag & drop import of color schemes..

Easy export/backup and restore (drag & drop) of color groups.

Drag & drop to share color groups with other users.

Drag & drop ini files to suck colors from other program's preferences, even whole folders of files (non-ini's are ignored)

Automatic "merge" functionality, so you can distribute color group files that other users can simply drag in.

Palette support (GIMP .gpl and JASC .pal)..

screenshot image of Color Pickin Chooser displaying its groups selector context menu with options for export, sorting, notes and more.

Export colors as cpc color groups or color palettes.

Drag and drop palette files onto Color Pickin Chooser to suck out all their colors.

Retain original GIMP palette and color names, even comments.

Color Pickin Chooser doubles as a capable palette converter.

Full group comments support..

Color group and Gimp palette comments are retained during all import and export functions.

Attach comments and notes to your color groups, view and edit them, all from within Color Pickin Chooser.

All controls are live..

Everything dynamically updates everything else!

Live hex tool tips and title bar..

Copy and auto-copy hex color values to the clipboard..

screenshot image of Color Pickin Chooser displaying lots of red

Rapid color picking in multiple output formats..

Autoit RGB
Autoit BGR
Visual C++
RGB Integer
RGB Float
HSL (Hue/Saturation/Lightness)
CMYK (also available "normalized" to percentages)
With or without prefixes, as required.

Handy hotkeys (and SHIFT-click duplex operation!)

EVERYTHING has a HotKey, well, almost. There's also a global HotKey so you can summon Color Pickin Chooser whenever you need it (Ctrl+F1 by default).

"Long-Click" Picker Operation

Click the picker to pick a color, long-click to capture an area. I got the idea from using Android!

Click the tray icon to show and hide the chooser..

Color Pickin Chooser will never clutter up your taskbar!

Incorporates access to the Windows system color chooser

..if you really must!

As a bonus, we get the system picker to remember its custom colors! Now there's a first!

oodles of hidden tricks and features..

Plus a handy tips system so you can discover them!

And much, much more!

screenshot image of Color Pickin Chooser displaying its picker context menu with access to picker images folder, automatically sorted into your subfolders.

screenshot image of Color Pickin Chooser displaying its gradient context menu with options.

screenshot image of Color Pickin Chooser displaying its color output context menu with options for all sorts of formats.


Download and use Color Pickin Chooser, for free..


Color Pickin Chooser

click to see zip archive contents

LIVE MD5+SHA1 Multi-Hashes..
# made with checksum.. point-and-click hashing for windows. (64-bit edition) # from corz.org.. http://corz.org/windows/software/checksum/ # #md5#Color Pickin Chooser.zip#2013.12.15@04.58:56 3c755a20f7d4786ac512c46850c5eb8a *Color Pickin Chooser.zip #sha1#Color Pickin Chooser.zip#2013.12.15@04.58:56 8f27dfbba9b0ac51805ec55a4b2c6f0892ec1f47 *Color Pickin Chooser.zip

Color Pickin Chooser x64

click to see zip archive contents

LIVE MD5+SHA1 Multi-Hashes..
# made with checksum.. point-and-click hashing for windows. (64-bit edition) # from corz.org.. http://corz.org/windows/software/checksum/ # #md5#Color Pickin Chooser x64.zip#2013.12.15@04.58:53 978dbfe111f3d9922e8f31ece73a6626 *Color Pickin Chooser x64.zip #sha1#Color Pickin Chooser x64.zip#2013.12.15@04.58:53 afbb73e771e58512c958ad5c313c54296ac6e0af *Color Pickin Chooser x64.zip

Legacy Free Version:

You can also grab the old free version if you still run XP, or something like that..


Color Pickin Chooser FREE

click to see zip archive contents

LIVE MD5+SHA1 Multi-Hashes..
# made with checksum.. point-and-click hashing for windows. (64-bit edition) # from corz.org.. http://corz.org/windows/software/checksum/ # #md5#Color Pickin Chooser FREE.zip#2013.12.24@04.38:48 73ba20405cabe88c691063e2b93b855e *Color Pickin Chooser FREE.zip #sha1#Color Pickin Chooser FREE.zip#2013.12.24@04.38:48 2b560e97a4a4d36126434a677c8a6a36dcd926fc *Color Pickin Chooser FREE.zip

Welcome to the comments facility!

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corz - 08.03.08 12:03 am

Hey! I like that, SunnyJ! A great quote for the brochure, if there was a brochure.

The help system might seem like an annoying thing, but it's definitely worth running through all the tips, at least once; converting palettes is one of many wee tricks up the color pickin chooser's sleeve.

Glad to be of service.


Mojo - 02.04.08 3:08 pm

Hey Corz,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this great script. I just downloaded it and haven't tested it yet, but from what I see here on the website, it's absolutely GREAT!

I wanted to do something similar but would have NEVER EVER came to the many ideas that you implemented here! smiley for :roll:

Also the whole website here is awesome. Explaining every detail of the script etc - I just love it!^^
I think I'll have to do this for my own scripts aswell smiley for :D

And a special thank for keeping it open source - really appreciated ;-) !!

Mojo (@ AutoIt Forum)

corz - 03.04.08 11:38 am

Thanks, Mojo!

For sure, there can never be enough good documentation. For me, producing notes and comments is almost as important as the coding. I make a point of coding "as if" I were going to release it, even if I never plan to! But of course, in this case, I did.

It's not purely for users; often I'm away from coding for months at a time, and the notes help ME understand things, too!

Anyway, I figured it was about time someone created a decent color chooser for AutoIt, and you're free to use and re-use the code as much as you want. There's more AutoIt source on-site, too. Rake around!


ps. that reminds me, I must drop into the AutoIt forum sometime - good bunch of lads.

SEMSEM - 08.08.08 11:04 pm


freeshadow - 16.12.09 3:55 pm

maybe I'll be able now to recolor Bios Energy star logos with GIMP (*.epa files)

xrx05@hotmail.com - 13.01.10 2:00 am

©rtgtyhxrx05@hotmail.comsmiley for ;)
smiley for :aargh:

koi - 24.10.10 5:10 am

nice screenshot smiley for :D

RichE - 15.11.10 8:03 pm

Hey Cor,

it's been quite a while, thought I pop in and see if you were still around, and low and behold you are smiley for :D, you may not remember me, but I did some coding back in the bt voyager days, and introduced you to AutoIT, which I see your still having fun with.

anyways keep coding


How could I forget? It's given my brain a lot of exercise over the years! ;o)

sameer - 18.06.11 1:58 pm

sir i m not able to download anycolor picker here
what should i do to download these softwaressmiley for :roll:

Click the funky boxes! ;o)

bawldiggle - 20.11.20 8:12 am

Found this app while sniffing around your other apps.

It looks like the answer for my degrading eyesight
Lost my left eye in March-2019
Now losing sight in my right eye ... cataracts + floaters

Thank you for the opportunity to try it

Cris - 18.09.22 8:46 pm

Seems a nice color picker, if it would work on W11!

Popup message says...
AutoIt Error:

Line 4264 (File "C:\Tools\Color Pickin\Color Pickin Chooser Pro.exe"):

Error: Subscript used with non-Array variable.

First, confirm that you are human by entering the code you see..

(if you find the code difficult to decipher, click it for a new one!)

Enter the 5-digit code this text sounds like :

lower-case ex, Upper-Case Eff, s-heaven, lower-case dee, Upper-Case Ee


Welcome to corz.org!

I'm always messing around with the back-end.. See a bug? Wait a minute and try again. Still see a bug? Mail Me!