that Friday feeling

man's journey to God
is being mapped in code.
we human's doing, playing our part.
email, i get email, always have,
before email, I got email;
it's a state of mind.

slow down
this is about you

we beings doing, creating,
statements, expressions, vast
structures in thought, indented, and then
moving this point, this process through it,
slam things into being
do we see what we're doing?
this is God-Stuff
and we're just playing with it.

We are practicing for the real thing
and getting good at it.

We are realizing our power.
Computers are almost ready for us now.

A boy made a Name for Him. The one who is all streaming
data to this torrent hive machine of brain,
perplexing it at just the very angles so there to
catch his drift. doesn't mind slowness
He knows only quickness,
speed of thought beyond light

and I try to keep up, but so much
Joy makes tricky typing, a lossy compressing,
blink, another packet, captured,
and the hand follows after (repeat to fade)

Even today's amazing compilers will take
long enough to have me shouting
"TIME EATER!!! TIME EATER!!!", waiting;
and all the while my thinking, thoughts and ideas
altering. too late! too late!
I was young, but right to walk away when I did.

And then PHP! [the coder re-awakens]
mixes up best bits from all the rest.
Hey! it's all rolled in! code->BANG! quickly,
dreams, thoughts, ideas become reality.
And the cream on this cake is, it's easy.

I said, php is easy

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @

ps. expect editing.

because sometimes the best teacher, is another learner.

-The Man in The Moon

Error Reporting = YiKeS!

Well, I discovered php's error reporting(E_ALL) setting. what can I say? YiKeS!

For the unknowing, this the level of errors that php reports. these range from "notice" (everything works okay, but php had to do some internal compensations and/or make assumptions) all the way down to "error". (serious wonk-out, goodbye). the default on a php installs is to report everything except notices, sensible.

it's not so bad, because almost no one has error_reporting(E_ALL) (the maximum level) set on their server, and certainly not on any production server, but all those notices! they're, well, there! I now know where my long-weekend will go. big fun indeed.

If you develop php, or, better yet, are considering developing php, then switch this on in your php.ini/.htaccess/php scripts, do it now! it will be initially annoying, sure, but in the long-run, save you time and effort (debugging, answering emails, etc), and make your code better, more portable.

While it is trés cool just creating variables on-the-fly and leaving php to mix-and-match as it goes along, I think it's probably a better practice to create code that never throws up errors, ever; or at least aim at that. of course, some are unavoidable, and there'll be a fair few

$value = @$_POST['whatever'];1

type lines lying around yet, for sure. and some servers are just plain weird, so hopefully this clean-up should knock a few spins off the odometer2

Anyway, so far; you may be interested in the following minor updates..
corzoogle 0.7.1
corz distro machine 0.5.2
corzblog parser 0.3.3

to the parser, I also added the facility to do [square brackets], which is something I've simply never needed until today. square brackets are used in the bbcode commands, of course; to get a "real" one, all you do is double it, [[like this]] &<- I used eight there!

I'll get corzblog and the other onsite bits and pieces cleaned up soon, hopefully sometime over the weekend; the site itself is giving me notices (which I will now refer to as "effin notices"), so bbedit's in for a work-out, what's new?

Thanks for the kind emails, particularly the corzooglers, it's been a busy week since my stuff hit the scripty sites . I guess I should return fire, pop some buttons around somewhere, maybe those "vote for my script" buttons, probably not, site "star ratings" are invariably a wildly innaccurate way to determine the quality of software, but make it five stars if you do, huh.

Maybe right here would be best, my blogs do get a regular and deep indexing from the googlebot, and score well, particularly for really obscure searches like this; the kind of stuff where in the vast zillioness of the indernet3 only two or perhaps three documents exactly match the search criteria, and there it is, my blog. referrer logs are a continual source of entertainment, no shit.

okay, back to the effin notices..

I'll be in touch.

:o) The Writing Entity @

  1. putting an at "@" symbol in front of a php expression will switch off its error reporting.
  2. mileage meter, it's a play on the common tech-dude truism, your mileage may vary…
  3. mispelling intentional

test blog




that wasn't intentional

:o) The Writing Entity @

ps.. rake about, many cool chages this week


There's only one thing worse than being beaten in the google rankings, and that's being beaten by your old, DEAD, website! hahahah

nae bad for a fortnight and $3.99, eh!

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @

seo seo seo!

You know it started as a sort of rebellious prank. My dastardly plan, to knock (the decorative paper company) off the top spot of all the search engines. I've nothing against them, as such, it's just that they're above me in the results of all the search engines, along with sometimes thousands of other "corz", and that's irritating. Yes, I know I've only had the org for a wee while, but that's not the point, I have plans.

I considered professional help and so googled for "seo" figuring that the top three must be the best in the business, after all, they got to the top three of google when I searched for seo, right?

But There's more to life than google, and my recent meanderings into search engine optimisation have opened my eyes to a whole new world of spiders, robots, directories and so many other information-hunting entities, all packed to the gunnels with eager sites looking to do exactly the same thing as; get to the top of the results.

As ever, I reckoned, 'if they can do it, I can do it', and so did a little light reading. Now, although companies spend extraordinary amounts of money on seo, there is, in fact, nothing particularly difficult or incomprehensible about the whole subject, and any trainee executive with a web browser and a nice bonus would probably be quite capable of achieving results very similar to the "big boys".

Essentially, by following a few simple rules any old joe bloggs could get his site ranked, I reckoned. So I started to tweak these pages some. My first round of tweaks focus on getting my site to the top of the results when someone searches for the phrase "corz mac". This isn't a phrase I expect many folks would search for, and in fairness, There's not a lot of competition for this key phrase. All it takes is a wee bit of seo, and some time..

They say it takes six to eight weeks to get a decent ranking on the major search engines, and although I generally consider myself a patient human being, I do think that a couple of weeks ought to be quite enough time for them to catch on to my new and improved search-engine-friendly pages, and so decided it was time for a wee browse around..

I started here, hahah! a good start! from the zillions of web sites in the world, the word "corz" returns just two results. TWO! I guess it's "exclusive". But who is numero uno? I just know I should stop now, bask in it for a while, but how can I? I must know! is an interesting engine. when searching on other search engines, you will often see hits for buzzle's results pages, why search engines cache and index these is beyond me, but apparently I'm right up there if you search for something like "Basketball and the Human consciousness" or "Horses and the human experience" and similar bizarre phrases, words that appears NOWHERE in this site, I guarantee it! well, at least not Basketball, well, at least not until I typed it just now. damn!

Strangely, when you actually visit buzzle and search for these same queries (by following the links from other engine's results), all you get is Beyonce Knowles. Buzzle's alright, though..

buzzle rocks! ... where's now? huh? huh? ... Aw.. here they are..

okay, they still top yahoo, but look who's at position three eh! right behind ya! and four! erm, AND six.. that's not right. Anyway, I'm supposed to be targeting for the phrase "corz mac", so back to business..

check it out! ahh.. in moz we trust. mind you, in the ever-changing world of search engines, and search engine algorhythmics, that link may lead you to completely and utterly unrelated content, but when I clicked it, I was right there at the top. no, honest! What about hotbot? In the old days, before google, hotbot was the only search engine I used. not what it used to be, though.

To cut a potentially very long story short, it turns out that on eight of the top ten search engines, is on page one. And that's in just over a week, and with only a £3.99 budget.

I'll be watching these statistics closely over the coming weeks and months. well, not me, as such, no need; there are plenty of online tools and services that will do this sort of thing for you. like this.

So much for six to eight weeks. perhaps that's just for google who, by dint of being the market leader-and-all, are allowed to take their time. I know; whenever their robots are round it takes me an age to clean up after. they lounge about, smoking and playing with the script source viewer, just "hanging". laid-back you might say, lacking the hunger of the young bots, keen to strike a fresh hit in advance of the search behemoth.

we all accept the googlebot,
wine, and dine, and wait.

some more aggressively than others

I realise that at the end of this I will probably be left with little more than a weird variety of seo numbness, and in time, all that will remain is an awareness of search engines, which, when you get right down to it, is really all you need to get an effective ranking, that and a bit of common sense. oh, and maybe a few choice tools..

Aye, I was just about to slash my wrists last night on finding this tool, in so many ways superior to my humble pda, when I got this email from Jimbu in Canada..

COR! (who oh why do people insist on capitalising me! -ed)


pda rocks! I saw your tool on webmaster-**** and "gave it a whirl" heheh. EXCELLENT! this is *just* what I was looking for. I can run it at home!



Jimbu, I know where you live, cut it with the capitals okay! And please, stop telling people you've seen my tool! ;o)

appreciated. having online tools is neat, yes, but for intensive use, you need the things running at home. show us your source people! save me the time involved in making pda whip yer scrawny butts!

Taking of scrawny butts, I seem to be getting an increased number of hits from Japan these days, mostly due to this site, which has slowly started adding all my wee bits and bobs, good work dudes! It'll be good to be able to tell the girl in the local shop that "I'm big in Japan", giving me an opportunity for heavy emphasis on the word "big", as is my wont, and the real reason I started buying the giant Rizlas, a company which really needs to pay more attention to its inbound email. sheesh.

And lastly, in case you hadn't spotted, I got the corzoogle release out. download it and drop it in your personal webserver or website. have fun! If you need assistance, don't forget There's also a host of keyword-packed web pages to go with it!

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @


I got most of it done1

Saturday night turned into social event, quite contrary to my plans. making plans for a Saturday is always risky.

the corzoogle pages are up and running, with a couple still in the "coming soon" stage, as and when, ya know. the download page lacks it's delicious zip icon, for now, I introduced a weird scoring bug yesterday whilst hacking in a few alterations, at least I think that's when I introduced it. I'll hopefully get a look at that tonight, and do the release proper as soon as.

I got pda into a useful state. If you make web sites you might like this. pda stands for "Personal Density Analyser", it looks at words on web pages and returns meaningful data about them, density, that sort of thing. there is currently a void where lots of freely downloadable tools like this should be.

so chuffed was I with its greeness (and it really is very green) I threw it into a new section entitled webmaster's toolbox, inside the web serving area, which you can now (at last) get to from the main toolbar. that wee feather says it all.

lastly, I've been having a look at my referer logs, just for fun, and I think I might start a regular spot.. "most interesting referer of the week". this isn't it, but it's up there..

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @

I said don't ask about the rabbit hutch!



electric off
i have a meter
puters all dead
and the gas heating, too
controlled by electric
all dark

i press a button
everything clicks
booting linux, booting windows
booting mac os x
we pronouce it "ten"

the lappy is happy
his brothers all returned
all exept one
down in single user mode, me
whispering under the aqua
of the session we'll boot into
of this work to be done


this weekend, aside from building a rabbit hutch (don't ask), I intend to get the corzoogle pages done, coinciding with a general (not password-protected beta) release. many thanks to those giving it a whirl, for sharing your experience of the corzoogle search engine, feel free to keep on doing that.

make a good weekend peeps!

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @

seo revisited


I mean, I know I said the seo was working, but that was rediculous! hahah. no, it wasn't the zillion hits I got over the weekend that brought my web host down, in fact I don't know what it was, maybe I'll chat with them about this.

My email's been playing up too, use the account if you are getting bounced. What can I say except, normal service will resume- actually, what is normal service?

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @


search engine optimisation. it really works..

nice caption!

meta tags. I may blog more about these this month. I may not. that's what's so good about blank pages, you never know what's coming next.

for now..

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