For some reason, listening to Saul Williams' La La La makes me cry. Not in any unpleasant way. No. it's joy. The rest of the album is pretty good, too, by the way.

for now..

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Fat People

Fat People. Annoy me.

Okay, I realize I've just alienated most of the American population, but there you have it. it's wrong. it's more unnatural than being gay, even. lol.

Seriously though, I've written poems about you, and your excuses. Glands? yeah, right! Heard it!


it's easy. When you notice your body getting a bit fat, you start to eat less crap, which means more healthy, which means more raw stuff, like fruit and veg is, and especially sprouting things, until your body gets back to where it's supposed to be.


See, you missed that bit last time. Lifestyle is more than about the clothes you wear and the music you play. it's about attitude, and yours sucks. If you really want to SEE results, add exercise, which all humans must do (though sadly, most don't realize that with proper "Interval Training", they could exponentially increase their muscle-mass-building and fat-burning capability whilst doing only a tenth of the exercise. They don't teach the good stuff in schools, see.)

On the physical side, your body, like, say, a plant, needs a specific amount of a specific set of nutrients, every day. Until you get all those, you will feel "hungry". it's fucking logic, innit! Your body is saying "I need more food". On top of that, you, fatty, also have your emotions playing dafty, messing with the whole show (maybe EFT or summin?)

So eat a healthy start (that's morning), say wheat-grass juice (you have a superior "juicer" right there in your mouth, by the way; assuming you still have most of your teeth), or yogurt, or something else self-digesting (because the stomach takes longer to wake up than the brain). And get all that good stuff in you. THEN, later, you can have all the chocolate you want, or whatever else you fancy, safe in the knowledge that your body's basic requirements have been fulfilled. But you won't want.


What's with the CAPITALS I hear you say, well, here's what..


that's right. Due to the synergistic effects of complete nutrition (insert lots of science I can't be bothered distilling, because it's not necessary here, though feel free to mail me as technically as you like, I'm a fucking expert, baby!) you will actually feel better, happier, more fulfilled, positive, tuned-in, all the good stuff - i.e. the natural human state.

You will be more likely to desire a sunflower seed than a Mars bar. How cool is that? Once you get on the right track, you basically snowball into great health, which is your body's natural state, if you would fucking let it be, and stop sending it all those nasty vibes. But that sounds like the subject of a completely other blog.

Also, you won't look like a hippo, and that's worth shooting for, I'd say, eh, Fatso!

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With age, or rather, with time well spent, comes experience. it's a marvelous thing, one of the best; enables you to cut through the chaff; something which seemed to occupy a large part of my early life, mainly struggling, as some of you may know, with the concept that me, I, cor, am creating the realty around me as I go along, and the creating of a whole bunch of tools, mainly in the form of poetry, to enable me and a few others to navigate and utilize this new reality in beneficial ways. I'm hoping to be all done (snort!) by the time I shuffle off this lovely planet, maybe eighty years from now, and leave behind what is already a frankly gigantic body of work. But it's okay, like I said, I'm getting pretty good at sorting the chaff from the... erm.. what was the other part?

it's just pulped sesame seeds, I tell people. And often.

I might manage to squeeze it all into one song.

What has this got to do with Tahini, you might ask. Well, one of the things I've learned about Tahini, is that it's practically impossible to make a jar last any longer than two days. Unless you buy California Garden Tahini, that is, which surely can't but does seem to taste like it's had salt added. At any rate, aside from CG, you can't go wrong with Tahini (and even CG is delicious for savoury snacking). If a jar says Tahini on the side, you are pretty much guaranteed to be in for a voluminous helping of pleasurable eating.

The trouble with Tahini, as far as I'm concerned, is availability. This is why I include it in my wish-list here at the .org. In order to get a jar of the stuff, and I mean the good stuff, the best stuff, which would be "Cortas" (and no, not because you can stick your thumb over the label and get my name, No!) I have to walk miles, or get multiple buses, and so generally don't buy it every week, even every fortnight. So when I do get some, I tend to gorge. I know this is wrong. With every delicious, dripping mouthful I know it is wrong, but it's Tahini! And therefore it is right! It is healthy and it is good! If only it would last...

And this is where experience comes in. Understanding the real reason why my jars of Tahini only last a day enabled me to devise a cunning technique to circumvent this shortcoming.. I buy a HUGE jar! Even after you've dipped a half Kilo of plump, soft dates into it, There's still enough to last the average family, or me, a week. And this technique works even if you haven't had a real live jar of tahini in your house for months!

And then, post-gorge, as I recline here, considering the bucket of calcium I have just consumed, a text message arrives.. "I got ye a jar of tahini. When you want it?". Bonner, I love ya!

It was just a thought, see.. "I want a jar of Tahini". And only yesterday, as the sun rose across my window...

But, I guess it was the way I thought it, eh?
Tomorrow, I'll probably get another in the mail.

Oh yeah, I'm back.
for now..

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