of developers just not thinking

So I type some text and save it, as is my wont. It's dynamite, of course. Then I close the file as I have other stuff running, filling text editor (Kate) tabs.

Later, I come up with addendums, additions, changes, and more (it's a poem, see) so I go "Open Recent", but hey Kate developers, guess what?

It's not there.

Can I please slowly and LOUDLY re-state right here that the document I just imagined and created and saved and will probably want to dive into multiple times in the very near future IS NOT-THE-FUCK THERE!", in my "Recent Documents". That document from less that five minutes ago.

Yes, thank you, you coder who knows how to make a list of 12 into a list of 100-that-needs-scrolling-before-you-realise-what-order-it's-going-in, but still doesn't include the document that fulfills the first of your menu criteria: RECENT!

Some shite from three weeks ago. Boom! Got it. That thing that I was recently working on. No. Fuck off.

See, this is "recently opened documents". Not recent documents.

Oh, I see. That's brilliant. I'm sure someone's auntie twice-removed will appreciate that. WHAT THE FUCK!

And Boom! There's another instance of me not being able to be in more than one place at the same time (I think I was getting browser developers to use and respect multiple tabs at that particular time)..

So, we have "recently opened documents" instead of "recent documents". Sorry.

I mean, doing is what we do, creating, isn't it? Not "re-opening". Or whatever.

Can everyone who uses these offending apps, like Kate, please bug their authors (or however you report bugs these day) and fix this.

Or I may have been elsewhere missing my opportunity to put "Scotland" into the drop-down of "Countries".

Everywhere-at-once, like the Heart Of Gold.
How do I code this?

Chat GPT!!!*


* Me: Do you have code that can turn my ESP32 device into a time-machine?

Chat GPT: I'm sorry, but as an AI language model, I don't have access to your ESP32 device, nor do I have the ability to create code for it. However, I can provide you with some guidance on how to program your ESP32 to perform certain tasks related to time and time travel.

To turn your ESP32 device into a time machine, you would need to program it to perform various functions related to time. Here are some steps you could take to get started:

Set up the time on your ESP32: The first step in creating a time machine is to set up the time on your device. You can use the built-in RTC (Real-Time Clock) module on the ESP32 to keep track of the time.

Create a time-traveling program: To create a program that can travel through time, you would need to use various sensors and actuators to control your environment. For example, you could program your ESP32 to turn on and off lights, change the temperature, or adjust the humidity level based on the time.

Use internet time sources: You can use the internet to get the current time, and even synchronize your ESP32 clock with a time server. This will ensure that your time machine is always accurate.

Use NTP protocol: The Network Time Protocol (NTP) can be used to synchronize your ESP32's clock with an accurate time source. This will ensure that your time machine is always accurate.

Create a user interface: You could create a user interface for your time machine using a touchscreen display or a web interface. This would allow you to input a desired time and control the various functions of your time machine.

While creating a time machine is a complex task that requires expertise in programming and electronics, the ESP32 has many features that make it well-suited for this task. With the right skills and tools, you can turn your ESP32 device into a time machine that can travel through time and control your environment. **

** Now you have to ask yourself..

If this is genuine Chat-GPT output then, how funny is that?

BUT, if this is me, writing in the style of CHAT-GPT, well, that shit not only got funnier, but holy shit? how talented am I??

Which is to say; if you hire writers for well-paying organisations, wouldn't it be amazing to have someone like ME working for you? smiley for :D

Yup, I just took a huge oscillating multi-vibrator and dumped it right on the fourth wall. Mmmmmm. It's okay, no one will notice.

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