that Friday feeling

man's journey to God
is being mapped in code.
we human's doing, playing our part.
email, i get email, always have,
before email, I got email;
it's a state of mind.

slow down
this is about you

we beings doing, creating,
statements, expressions, vast
structures in thought, indented, and then
moving this point, this process through it,
slam things into being
do we see what we're doing?
this is God-Stuff
and we're just playing with it.

We are practicing for the real thing
and getting good at it.

We are realizing our power.
Computers are almost ready for us now.

A boy made a Name for Him. The one who is all streaming
data to this torrent hive machine of brain,
perplexing it at just the very angles so there to
catch his drift. doesn't mind slowness
He knows only quickness,
speed of thought beyond light

and I try to keep up, but so much
Joy makes tricky typing, a lossy compressing,
blink, another packet, captured,
and the hand follows after (repeat to fade)

Even today's amazing compilers will take
long enough to have me shouting
"TIME EATER!!! TIME EATER!!!", waiting;
and all the while my thinking, thoughts and ideas
altering. too late! too late!
I was young, but right to walk away when I did.

And then PHP! [the coder re-awakens]
mixes up best bits from all the rest.
Hey! it's all rolled in! code->BANG! quickly,
dreams, thoughts, ideas become reality.
And the cream on this cake is, it's easy.

I said, php is easy

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @

ps. expect editing.

because sometimes the best teacher, is another learner.

-The Man in The Moon

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