Error Reporting = YiKeS!

Well, I discovered php's error reporting(E_ALL) setting. what can I say? YiKeS!

For the unknowing, this the level of errors that php reports. these range from "notice" (everything works okay, but php had to do some internal compensations and/or make assumptions) all the way down to "error". (serious wonk-out, goodbye). the default on a php installs is to report everything except notices, sensible.

it's not so bad, because almost no one has error_reporting(E_ALL) (the maximum level) set on their server, and certainly not on any production server, but all those notices! they're, well, there! I now know where my long-weekend will go. big fun indeed.

If you develop php, or, better yet, are considering developing php, then switch this on in your php.ini/.htaccess/php scripts, do it now! it will be initially annoying, sure, but in the long-run, save you time and effort (debugging, answering emails, etc), and make your code better, more portable.

While it is trés cool just creating variables on-the-fly and leaving php to mix-and-match as it goes along, I think it's probably a better practice to create code that never throws up errors, ever; or at least aim at that. of course, some are unavoidable, and there'll be a fair few

$value = @$_POST['whatever'];1

type lines lying around yet, for sure. and some servers are just plain weird, so hopefully this clean-up should knock a few spins off the odometer2

Anyway, so far; you may be interested in the following minor updates..
corzoogle 0.7.1
corz distro machine 0.5.2
corzblog parser 0.3.3

to the parser, I also added the facility to do [square brackets], which is something I've simply never needed until today. square brackets are used in the bbcode commands, of course; to get a "real" one, all you do is double it, [[like this]] &<- I used eight there!

I'll get corzblog and the other onsite bits and pieces cleaned up soon, hopefully sometime over the weekend; the site itself is giving me notices (which I will now refer to as "effin notices"), so bbedit's in for a work-out, what's new?

Thanks for the kind emails, particularly the corzooglers, it's been a busy week since my stuff hit the scripty sites . I guess I should return fire, pop some buttons around somewhere, maybe those "vote for my script" buttons, probably not, site "star ratings" are invariably a wildly innaccurate way to determine the quality of software, but make it five stars if you do, huh.

Maybe right here would be best, my blogs do get a regular and deep indexing from the googlebot, and score well, particularly for really obscure searches like this; the kind of stuff where in the vast zillioness of the indernet3 only two or perhaps three documents exactly match the search criteria, and there it is, my blog. referrer logs are a continual source of entertainment, no shit.

okay, back to the effin notices..

I'll be in touch.

:o) The Writing Entity @

  1. putting an at "@" symbol in front of a php expression will switch off its error reporting.
  2. mileage meter, it's a play on the common tech-dude truism, your mileage may vary…
  3. mispelling intentional

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