I got most of it done1

Saturday night turned into social event, quite contrary to my plans. making plans for a Saturday is always risky.

the corzoogle pages are up and running, with a couple still in the "coming soon" stage, as and when, ya know. the download page lacks it's delicious zip icon, for now, I introduced a weird scoring bug yesterday whilst hacking in a few alterations, at least I think that's when I introduced it. I'll hopefully get a look at that tonight, and do the release proper as soon as.

I got pda into a useful state. If you make web sites you might like this. pda stands for "Personal Density Analyser", it looks at words on web pages and returns meaningful data about them, density, that sort of thing. there is currently a void where lots of freely downloadable tools like this should be.

so chuffed was I with its greeness (and it really is very green) I threw it into a new section entitled webmaster's toolbox, inside the web serving area, which you can now (at last) get to from the main toolbar. that wee feather says it all.

lastly, I've been having a look at my referer logs, just for fun, and I think I might start a regular spot.. "most interesting referer of the week". this isn't it, but it's up there..


for now..

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