electric off
i have a meter
puters all dead
and the gas heating, too
controlled by electric
all dark

i press a button
everything clicks
booting linux, booting windows
booting mac os x
we pronouce it "ten"

the lappy is happy
his brothers all returned
all exept one
down in single user mode, me
whispering under the aqua
of the session we'll boot into
of this work to be done


this weekend, aside from building a rabbit hutch (don't ask), I intend to get the corzoogle pages done, coinciding with a general (not password-protected beta) release. many thanks to those giving it a whirl, for sharing your experience of the corzoogle search engine, feel free to keep on doing that.

make a good weekend peeps!

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @ corz.org

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