Windows 11

So I upgraded the Windows box. This is our media PC, but I also use it for other tasks; mainly because it has the best tools; many of which I wrote myself.

So, Windows 11. What a joke.

Sure, there may be "under the hood improvements", which basically I expect these days; keeping shit secure and all that, like my Slackware laptop is. It's the stuff I have to interact with that's the problem.

Explorer. A joke. I tried, I really did try to work with it. But no, about 90% of my workflows are completely broken, and for what? Tabs? Fuck off. The 1% of users who need tabs (those with tiny screens) should not be a reason to strip 90% of the functionality from the most used app in Windows. Seriously? It's a fucking joke. This tells us a lot about the quality of the beta-testers, too. Who could put up with this?

Even with my SocialStack £23 deal, I feel ripped off. This is barely an alpha version. How dare they put this out as an "upgrade"? Pfff... Fortunately, as with all recent versions of Windows, 3rd party tools exist to revert insane behaviour. Good old Windows 10 Explorer is still there, thank God.

So there you have it; progress marching on. Latest bug-fixes and all that. But in reality, Windows 98 was 88 versions ahead of this shit. I could even drag folders onto the edges of the screen to create instant toolbars. Now I need Coolbarz + 7Stacks*** to replicate what used to be native behaviour. See a pattern?

Next I'll be running Windows 12 and require some "Classic Explorer" 3rd party app just to get anything done. Or else just say fuck it and switch my last Windows box over to Linux; say goodbye to all those lovely tools once and for all.



*** If you want to fix that 7Stacks executable that was broken with the Windows 11 update, see here.

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