So 7Stacks stopped working.
Here is the solution.

As previously mentioned, basic Windows 98 functionality has, for some time now, relied on 3rd party tools to get the job done. Case in point; desktop toolbars.

So now we have Coolbarz + 7Stacks. Between them, you can pretty much recreate that wonderful all-my-tools-right-there effect. Right up until the most recent Windows update.

Now whenever I launch an app from a 7Stacks menu I get nothing, except a log entry about the "exception" in exec64.exe. This is the back-end launcher program for 7Stacks.

How something so simple could be broken by a Windows update is beyond me. I spent a couple of minutes messing with permissions and what-not, as you do, then sighed dramatically and made a batch file containing only this:

start "" %1 %*

Compiled it with Bat2Exe
1 and Bingo! Functionality replaced. :rolls eyes:

You can grab my precompiled version if your AV lets you, or easily make one yourself.


There are a few of these apps around. I use an old version of this. I really must grab the latest (too late, site is gone! --ed)

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