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Coding is definitely one of those jobs that got a lot tougher with the advent of a baby! Nevertheless, I've been scooping up all the bits that have trickled out over the last year into some new updates. Here's the first..

corz clock

Free and open source as alays, the main change is that corz clock can now handle music playlists as alarms. You can wake up to your favourite album! It simply sends them to your default system handler (winamp, etc.) to play them. You can still have spoken messages to go with these alarms, by the way.

This might also be a good place to note that the spoken message input has alternatively always accepted the full path to a .wav file (as well as paths to text files, html documents, URLs, even with reading start locations…), so you can actually play two .wav files for your alarm, or a playlist and a .wav, or a playlist and a spoken message, or a wav and a spoken message, or just one of any of them.

Check out corz clock here.

As usual, a full source pack with all resources is also available. Have fun!

for now..


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