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Move and resize Windows windows just like Linux Windows!

An essential add-on for Windows XP, 2K, Windows Server, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1.
Yeah, okay, and Vista!

Here is a page about my KDE Mover-Sizer. Okay, it's not entirely mine, not even mostly, but I've added enough code to call it mine, and it's too damn essential to not have a page of its own somewhere, so here it is..

What does it do?

KDE Mover-Sizer is a background application that emulates the behaviour of KDE, which is a rather good Linux desktop environment. Actually, Gnome and other Linux window managers also do it these days, but that wouldn't make for such a funky name. Essentially, you hold down the Alt key, and Left-click to move a window, Right-click to resize it; and from anywhere inside the window. That's it. And once you use it for a few minutes, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

The utility itself is coded with AutoHotKey, originally a fork of AutoIt, and highly useful in its own right. The original script (which I snaffled from the AutoHotKey forum, the best of many similar scripts) did all the above, but was missing something essential, that is; window snapping. So I added that, and gave them it back.

The window snapping is important for at least two reasons; 1) it enables you to place a window, as if by magic, exactly at the edge of your desktop. If, like me, you like to keep your main document windows in the centre of your screen, and leave lots of folder windows open up and down the sides of your desktop (I have a widescreen monitor now, which makes this even more effective) then you will find it invaluable. And 2) it enables you to resize the window from the edge of your screen. This is easier to do than to explain, though I'm going to attempt that anyway, with a couple of how-to style tips..

Cool Tricks..

I've gotten into a couple of habits thanks to the KDE Mover-Sizer. The first is a quick one-two action where I first Alt-Left-click a window and throw it roughly into place (off the edge of the screen), and then do a single Alt-Right-click to snap it back into perfect view. I've already had a week-off with all the time this good habit has saved me.

The new version can also snap directly to the edge during regular Alt-Left-Click moving - so long as you are within the snap distance, it will lock against the edge of your desktop. You can also constrain movement along the X or Y plane by holding down the<SHIFT> key, very nice!

The second habit of one of resizing windows from the edge. First, I get them there, as in tip 1, then I grab a corner (anywhere in the quadrant is fine) with an Alt-Right-click, and drag-resize them while the two opposite edges (one of which is bang up against the edge of the desktop) stay put. This isn't so much a time saver, as a sanity saver. I'm very particular about the amount of white space that shows in folder windows, and it they don't look right, I couldn't leave them open. Leaving them open is what saves time.

Another thing I've started doing, is sliding windows up and down the edge of my desktop by Alt-Left-click+drag (at the very edge of the desktop). The snap keeps them from moving left and right - it's like they are on rails! Very handy. And remember, it works on windows behind windows, too, and without bringing them to the front.

Try it!

You need to play with it to fully appreciate the beauty of KDE Mover-Sizer. Fortunately, I have a precompiled Windows executable which you can simply download and run. There's no installer, and it doesn't use the registry. The only settings are in a regular plain text ini file, which lives right next to KDE Mover-Sizer.exe, so it's completely portable. When running, a cute tray icon enables you to exit, if required (unlikely!), as well as a few other options. Drop a shortcut into your startup folder, and then you're cooking with KDE!

Then forget about it..

KDE Mover-Sizer uses very little resources to work its magic, and works on all desktop windows, even windows that aren't at the front, even those daft fullscreen installer windows. It will even sneak inside a Sandboxie and work there. It also enables you to resize windows that don't normally allow resizing, which can be a real bonus with certain dumb dialogs (cough *FirefoxSearchPlugin* cough). In no time, it feels perfectly natural, and you're throwing windows around with a whole new level of precision and abandon!

Like I say, I "couldn't live without it", and I'm fairly certain that if you use it for a wee while, you will feel the same way. At any rate, it's free; so why not try it and see..

KDE Mover-Sizer Download


KDE Mover Sizer for Windows

click to see zip archive contents

LIVE MD5+SHA1 Multi-Hashes..
# made with checksum.. point-and-click hashing for windows (64-bit edition). # from corz.org.. http://corz.org/windows/software/checksum/ # #md5#KDE Mover-Sizer for Windows.zip#2014.09.10@11.15:30 b14b27a7556b2c2e7dd8a1fff9b2a107 *KDE Mover-Sizer for Windows.zip

KDE Mover Sizer for Windows x64

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LIVE MD5+SHA1 Multi-Hashes..
# made with checksum.. point-and-click hashing for windows (64-bit edition). # from corz.org.. http://corz.org/windows/software/checksum/ # #md5#KDE Mover-Sizer for Windows x64.zip#2014.09.10@11.15:34 34d40215c5023ebeb8dfdc86b4bdd82f *KDE Mover-Sizer for Windows x64.zip
NOTE: Multiple monitors are now supported! Thanks to some sterling work by Matthias Ihmig.

While I'm about it, the next time KDE Mover-Sizer saves you time and sanity navigatin' your mouse to a 1 pixel wide border or incy title bar or corner handle, feel free to whisper "Thanks Bud!" under your breath to the following good people who all had their grubby mits on KDE Mover-Sizer at some point..

If you want to check out the source (with fuller credits), perhaps customize it to your own requirements, even add some new feature and your name to the above list, or whatever, the code is freely available, here..

Another of AutoHotKey's tragically poor icons
View the Source Code

Have fun!


p.s. KDE Mover-Sizer works inside a Sandboxie sand box, without having to load a separate instance. KDE Mover-Sizer also works inside CoLinux, e.g. Portable Ubuntu. In fact, it would be quicker to list the places it doesn't work, if I knew of any.

Welcome to the comments facility!

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Peter - 26.08.15 2:42 am

Hi, I was able to get the tool to work on my work pc much better after reinstalling drivers, windows update, and the tool itself, etc

However I now have a different issue.

if I scroll my mousehweel too fast, I get an error that says:

"151 hotkeys have been recevied in the last 1217ms.

Do you want to continue? (see #MaxHotkeysPerInterval in the help file)"

I have checked the .ini file but found no reference to the "MaxHotkeysPerInterval" mentioned. I have tried adding it and setting the value to 500, yet still got the error.

Admittedly, it is not the biggest issue, but does get get in the way when trying to scroll long documents/websites as I have to click "yes" every time it comes up. I can't see any reason why it should need to stop me.

Please help!

The default is 70 events, KDE Mover sizer sets it to 150 specifically to avoid this message!

This message used to happen to me a fair bit, too. And I was about to increase the value myself when I realised that this would be a mistake. It was ME that was the issue. I fixed that, and haven't seen the message for over a year!

Scrolling long documents is inevitable in modern life. However, scrolling long documents all the way through using the wheel is just not efficient. I realised that mostly I wanted to get to a particular part of the document and I was being lazy not taking my finger off the wheel to navigate there directly.

Sadly, not all document apps (web browsers, for example) have a context menu for their scroll bars (like Explorer does), but there are usually still far more effective methods of getting to a particular part of a document (Ctrl+End come to mind).

So, by all means, edit the source:

#MaxHotkeysPerInterval 150 ;Avoid warning when mouse wheel turned very fast

and recompile your own version, but first perhaps consider different approaches to your document navigation, keyboard shortcuts and so on.

;o) Cor

Mathias - 25.09.15 4:39 pm

I encountered one little issue; if you apply the size changing action (ALT+Right Mouse Btn) on the desktop in Win10, it changes the desktop.
But except that; Perfect, exactly what I was searching for! Thank you very much!

Great news! That's almost a reason to upgrade to Windows 10! smiley for :lol:

I've more than once toyed with the idea of specifically adding this capability to KDE-Mover-Sizer, but thought it would probably freak-out most users. ;o) Cor

Fernando - 06.10.15 1:44 pm

Hi Cor, I think the best option is using the Left-win-key. It works like a charm without having to add any windows to ignore list. Using it in Windows 10 Pro, it's working pretty good. Thank you.

Yup, it's my standard advice! You build up muscle memory for these things. My brain adds the Win key automatically for the couple of apps that need it. ;o) Cor

BoganD - 13.10.15 5:17 pm

You can Alt+Click document windows INSIDE photoshop! AMAZING!

Nicely spotted!

Aye, I know, we should add it to the features list! smiley for :D

;o) Cor

Korlikos - 18.11.15 6:05 am

Hi, tnx for bringing us, windows users, this very useful ability : )

Korlikos - 18.11.15 6:17 am

Could you add snap ability to, one day, to be used in same time, when move/resize action is done, maybe in 4 or 6 directions? On 4 or 6 places where mouse cursor touching edges of screen. It's become, now, new dream for this1 win 7 user :S Help, help! Ty for your time and work.

It already does this! ;o) Cor

chromax - 30.11.15 7:29 pm

very nice and useful.

I also have the problem that I binded the Ctrl to my mouse (for zoom in most applications) and so I also use ctrl here. This works fine, except for Photoshop.

So my idea was to make a maximum delay for KDE-MS. If you hold ctrl for more than 1 sec (adjustable in options) it will release and you can use ctrl in your application. So If I would hold ctrl in photoshop and wait a sec I could use it there. For window resizing I normally don´t need more time.

I think that in older versions this worked, because the problem with photoshop is since never versions.

chromax - 02.12.15 10:15 pm

On Win10 64bit (newest, november Update) in some Applications it is not working. For example regedit.

Anyone else with this?

Osel_CZ - 18.01.16 2:28 am

Win10 Pro 64bit

All is working on my comp. Could you be more precise ? What applications ?

chromax - 25.01.16 4:55 pm


yes, regedit.exe (you know :-)).
Also I wondered that notepad++ was not resizedable with our beloved script. Then I startet it explizit without admin rights and I could resize it. I also set autohotkey.exe to admin rights and voila! It works with regedit!

Dear diary, today I learned: Set autohotkey to Admin rights!

prince - 29.01.16 9:00 pm


amazing work you are doing!

I have got just a problem.

When connecting to my Remote desktop via Teamviewer, I can not resize any window.

Could you have a look into this problem?

Machine is windows server 2008, which equals 7 smiley for ;)

thanks in advance, and heads up!


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